Sunday, July 15, 2007

Short preview of the visit...

WHEW! What a busy and tiring week it had been, but FUN!! Since they had only a few days stay here in Holland we had listed out a few places they might like to see. There first day we stayed in Amsterdam. We went to the Botanicus and the

Flower market as they are interested to plants, wished they can come during the spring time for the Tulips someday. Mid afternoon we went to Van Gogh Museum, thought it might not be too busy as it's nearly the end of the day but wow! still very busy and camera's are not allowed inside.

The following day we went to Marken

and then to Volendam. my niece had seen something through internet of these places before and thought be interesting to visit. I haven't been to these places too so i don't really know what to expect and we thought there's excursion but it's only during weekends. So, it was not really what we had expected. Picture is of my niece and her dh. If anyone wants to have a look at the places, you can opened the names/words in Green as it's a link to their website or something about the area.

There last day was spent on Texel! We went to the
Maritiem and Jutters Museum

and the Cheese farm

Since it was such a short visit for them we've been dining out everyday. Been to different restaurant especially at the mainland, first evening was at a Vietnamese restaurant, followed by a Chinese restaurant the next evening and then to a Dutch/Fish restaurant in Volendam. The last was another Dutch restaurant where you can see a picture of us all.

We took the first ferry yesterday( 6AM ), bringing them back to the airport.
After that went shopping for a few clothes for the kids and DH had promised a mobile phone for Grace during the holidays so we were able to get that one as well. Back on the island in the afternoon, first thing i did was went and lie down and slept for almost a couple of hours, i was really tired!!!


Barbara said...

Lovely pics! Glad you had a great time in Holland :)

~Kim~ said...

It sure sounded like it was a busy time! Thanks for sharing our time away with us!!


anna said...

I enjoyed seeing the pictures as usual :) Isn't it amazing how Grace and Chris have changed over the last year or two? So nice you had your niece visit you, too!