Saturday, October 27, 2007

Christmas vacation!!!

Once again an unexpected decision to go away for a week during the christmas school break. Upon hearing at work that the owner decided to close for two weeks the end of november and first week of december as most of my colleagues are going on vacation, i find a bit unfair. They don't have kids who are at school that is why they can go away for leave. After talking to DH if we can go away on december i asked at work if i can get a leave during christmas and they agreed.
So we didn't wait and had looked for places and since it is winter time and not much for outside activities we have to book it through one of the known parks where they have some indoor activities. We would like outside the Netherlands so it turns out to be GERMANY. And through Center Parks. The name of the park called Butjadinger Kuste, in Tossens.
It's from the 21st december till the 28th. That means we are away for my birthday on the 24th and Christmas. That's another reason i wanted to go away as i know how busy it is here during that time. I know friends wouldn't be happy when they will hear i am not going to celebrate my birthday!!


Sally said...

Have a wonderful Christmas break Mylene!

Karan said...

Hope you have a wonderful time on your holiday Mylene.