Saturday, October 27, 2007

x'mas ornament and Welcome WIP

The ornament i made for CSE christmas exchange to Elaine has reached her so one i can show a picture,

have a couple more here to be sent out these coming days and a few i am making for myself but i ran out of the needed DMC threads. Thought i have lots but still i missed some more numbers!

Here's my progress so far with sampler. I do like working on this one and hopefully to be finish with this soon.

Christmas vacation!!!

Once again an unexpected decision to go away for a week during the christmas school break. Upon hearing at work that the owner decided to close for two weeks the end of november and first week of december as most of my colleagues are going on vacation, i find a bit unfair. They don't have kids who are at school that is why they can go away for leave. After talking to DH if we can go away on december i asked at work if i can get a leave during christmas and they agreed.
So we didn't wait and had looked for places and since it is winter time and not much for outside activities we have to book it through one of the known parks where they have some indoor activities. We would like outside the Netherlands so it turns out to be GERMANY. And through Center Parks. The name of the park called Butjadinger Kuste, in Tossens.
It's from the 21st december till the 28th. That means we are away for my birthday on the 24th and Christmas. That's another reason i wanted to go away as i know how busy it is here during that time. I know friends wouldn't be happy when they will hear i am not going to celebrate my birthday!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Autumn break (was for us...

...last week here in the northern part of holland. These week are the southern part together with the middel part. It is cold here on the island especially the last two days as it was quite windy but wow! still so many tourist came in. Really noticed it at work as it was so busy, more so than last week.

Haven't had much to share the last days with regards to stitching as i haven't done much also due to the school break of the kids. Children are in and out here last week, and each really wanted their friends to stay for the night and i had to say no. They just don't realise the works i have to do for them having their friends staying over night. We have to use the playroom, were no permanent beds so we have to pump and other things... So instead we asked them to ask one of their friends to go out, that was last friday evening. First to a simple restaurant and then went bowling. That went great and they really wanted to go on after one and half hour but it was late and Chris had football early the next day, so we promised to go again next time.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

SFE from Maryann!!!

Small finished exchange from maryann is waiting for me this evening. And WOW! It's gorgeous. I just love it!! Thanks so much Maryann for picking this design for me, it's actually in my list to stitch it someday for myself.
Shown pictures are the front, inside and front and back of the needlecase.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Stitching update

This is my update for the 'welcome sampler'. I really enjoy working on this one and hope to finish it by next month, but that depends as i need to complete some ornaments for a few x'mas exchanges. Two were already done but can't show any picture yet.

Also finished an autumn card and a simple christmas block, just don't know how to finish this one off, thinking for a card but it is quite big or perhaps into an ornament. ????

Friday, October 12, 2007

SFE from Vickie!!

Vickie's package arrived! And she made this pretty sampler for the Small Finish Exchange from ILCS group. Thank you so much, Vickie.

The first time in weeks that we are staying home this weekend with no obligations to go to any celebration or visitors coming only we have a dog to take care. Unexpectedly, the owner Kees ex brother-in-law had to go away for business he dropped Max here yesterday and will have to stay here till sunday. Here's a picture of him and Grace which was taken last time he was here. We do like Max and really enjoy his company and one more it does push me to go out for walks.

Oh well, hope everyone have a nice weekend!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

1st x'mas ornament received!!

Received my first x'mas ornament this year from : Elaine
I am trying to add a picture but it shows an error for half an hour now . Elaine took a very good picture on her blog if anyone wants to have a look. I will try to add it another time here, i don't even know if this post will go through...
I do love this ornament and glad Elaine decided to sent it, thank you so much Elaine!!
Thought to try and add a pic and it seems it had work, hope so...

Monday, October 08, 2007

baby card

When we came home last night and opened up my mail(e-mail), one of my colleagues sent a note that our employer gave birth last saturday morning and since i am going in for work this morning i decided to stitched a quick card for them. Completed the stitching last night and made it into a card early this morning. Haven't seen the mother and daughter yet today, only the father whom i've given the card too. All's well, both just needed lots of sleep.

Many thanks for taking the time to come and visit my blog and leaving comments. I really appreciate them a lot.

Greg, i added a pic of my first update where i took a pic of the magazine where the chart is . It's from the Cross country Stitching, April 2004 issue. The name of the chart is 'Pennsylvania Dutch Fractur'.
Since i am stitching it on 28ct linnen the size is about 10 x 12 inches.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Welcome..WIP & be away for the weekend

Here's my latest update with the 'welcome sampler'. I added the last picture to see the difference or what i had stitched.
For next week i will try to work for a couple of christmas designs for x'mas ornaments exchanges i had joined lately. Since these are secrets there wouldn't be any pictures to show off until they are receive. It will be a long wait then...

Kees will leave for diving with his club very early tomorrow and i have to take Chris to football, Grace had swimming competition early this evening so there's no lesson for them tomorrow. Hopefully, we'll be home before 12PM and Kees around 1PM then we will catch the ferry at 2PM, off to friends birthday at the mainland and be back sunday evening...again no stitching weekend for me!!

Hope everyone will have a nice weekend.

Thursday, October 04, 2007


With the DMC sale on walmart lately i asked Debra for help and here's what she bought for me. Thank you so much for helping me out. Really happy it arrived quickly and all intact.

Two packages coming from the U.S went missing, the first one sent last May and the other one last end of August. I am still waiting for another two packages from the SFE exchanges hope it will be here soon.

Received this one too last week from one of the internet shops here and WOW! lots of nice charts and finishing in it. Can't start any though till next week. We will be away for the weekend...again!!! and tomorrow to a birthday party.

Also this chart came in early this week. Quite a surprise as I ordered it a while back from an online shop here locally but didn't rec. any reply that she got my message so i thought she didn't rec. it. But i am glad it's here. NOW, i wish i have some free time to do some organising which and what am i going to work on, oh well, my priority whenever i get the chance to stitch were for the christmas ornaments as i signed to a few exchanges for this.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Christmas cards!!

Stitched these within two nights and completed it into cards in an afternoon last week just before the weekend. Just haven't had the time to post it then as we had friends who came over from the mainland last friday and stayed for the weekend. These Candy can abc was from the october issue of the Cross Stitcher(UK)2007.
It's for my penpals whom i've been writing for about 6 years now, though i am ussually the one who's late for responding especially this year as it's been really a busy year for us. Oh well, i just hope they'll like it.

Thanks so much for all the best wishes for Grace birthday. We had celebrated it last saturday. Many teeners, her friends(6) plus many kiddies(8) from family and friends. It has been raining the whole day so they are all inside and all the adults(12) too. I can say i haven't had the chance to sit down the whole afternoon and until after dinner. But everyone enjoyed and also the food(buffet) i'd prepared. I am kind of glad the next birthday here will be after two months......