Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pics. to share from the packages yesterday!

This wonderful package is from Lillie!!! The lovely needleroll for my PIF, see the "believe" ornament..i've admired it on her blog lately, so happy to receive one as well as the crocheted stars she made. I LOVE them all as well as the extra's enclosed. Many many thanks Lillie.

A few weeks ago i won one of Courtney's giveaways! WOW! look at this earrings she sent, they're gorgeous and it's one of her creations. Aren't i the lucky one here...! Thank you so much, Courtney also the cross stitch booklet enclosed.

A card/ornament received for the Stitched card exchange at Jayne's Attic group from Clare. Sure a nice idea to finished it this way so it can be hang as an ornament too. It's sooo cute and wow! threads are always welcome. Thank you so much Clare!!

I take it this one is from Sarah for the Small Finished Exchange at ILCS yahoo group. There's no return address and no note enclosed. I love it, Sarah. You stitched it beautifully. Thank you so much!

A quilt square from Marta. Despite her very busy schedule she stitched this square for me. I really love it. Many many thanks, Marta.

Lastly, is a gift from Shari for my birthday. A really nice surprise as i am not expecting it. Beautiful fabrics and sure will put to good use, also the DMC thread. Thank you so much, Shari!!

This took me a while to write as i am struggling with my English at the moment so i am sorry whatever short comings i've made. Most comes first in DUTCH and have to translate it and i do find it difficult these days.

Now, i better get off here and prepare the bed for Chris and his friend Mels, while they are playing with the Wii.


Maggie said...

Wow, such a lot of lovely exchanges & gifts. I think your English is just fine, i wouldn't even know where to begin if i had to try & speak or write Dutch, well done :)
Maggie x

Julianne said...


What lovely things you received! I love the Believe ornament from Lillie. She did such a beautiful job on it. The cording looks good enough to eat. LOL It reminds me of a candy cane.

When is your birthday?

Hugs to you!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hello Mylene
Thanks for visiting my blog.
I have enjoyed visiting your blog. I love your Red Noel, Christmas Is Love and Snowy Night Ornaments. They are beautiful. Your blog is very inspiring. I love your Christmas Tree too, very pretty.
We have lots in common. I am almost 38 and like Grace my daughter will be 13 soon.
I am happy to have a friend in Holland.
Merry Christmas

mainely stitching said...

I think your English is wonderful, Mylene. If I had to post in Dutch, I bet I wouldn't do it more often than once or twice a month.

Wonderful stitching you've shared!

Anonymous said...

I think your English is fine. You are so lucky. Have a happy Birthday

Nana said...

Doesn't seem to me you have a problem with English.. doing just fine.

I love your goodies.. I have the Blue Bonnet Booklet and every so often say I will make one..but alas so many projects so little time.. Don't you wish sometimes we had octopus arms.. well maybe lol


Christine said...

What a lot of wonderful gifts!
Your English is very good, so don't worry about it

Louisiana Momma said...

oh what wonderful goodies :-) You deserved each and every one! I was happy to send you some earrings - and if they aren't your style, my feelings won't be hurt if you regift them (or just give them) to someone else :-)

Shari said...

what a wonderful birthday & Christmas for you!!!! Happy Birthday!

Julie said...

Your English is good Mylene.

You received some wonderful gifts.

glenda said...

What great gifts! You are certainly a fortunate lady ;)

don't give your english another thought - you write much better than many americans...

Lillie said...

Glad the envie arrived :D

Lots of wonderful gifts coming your way. Enjoy

Barbara said...

You are quite the lucky lady receiving all those great gifts. I'm sure you'll enjoy all your new stash. Your English is quite good and I'm impressed with anyone who knows more than one language. I only know English & don't always do it well. LOL
Barb in TX