Friday, March 07, 2008

x'mas SAL & LHN...advice please!

Here's my ornament for March for the x'mas ornament SAL. It's from the magazine JCS 2004, a blackbird designs.
I don't know yet how to finish it off, thought of finishing it into a hanging ornament or into a pinkeep.

Thanks to Judy for the threads she sent lately, i'm able to go further with the "Stitcher's Prayer" of LHN and near it's end when i realise i find the given number for the apron which was 3866, it's almost the same as the fabric colour i've used. On the model picture it looks more white so i am thinking of frogging the one i already done and replace it with white. What does anyone recomend?

Last January, Chris received a certificate for completing the table from 1 to 5. Not long after he completed the whole table from 1 to 10, since this certificate was signed 14 of February but i always forgot to take a picture. Until now they are only two in the class who had completed the whole table of 1-10. We are really happy for him and also he'll stop doing the numbers all the times, we encourage him to give more attention with his reading but it seems he isn't keen on that.

Julie, it's the Book No. 115, for the PS pinkeep.

Thanks everyone for stopping by and all the wonderful comments, they are very much appreciated.

Hope everyone will have a good weekend!!


Barbara said...

Congratulations to Chris!

Your BBD finish is lovely. I made this one for an exchange a year or two ago. It's such a wonderful design. :)

Anonymous said...

You must be so proud of Chris, Your BBD looks great also. I sure hope you enjoy stitching your LHN, I was glad to be able to help you.
Have a great weekend.

Debra said...

Mylene, congrats on finishing your ornament. I am not sure about the ripping out. Pictures are never as good as seeing it in person. But if it is so close to the same color, I might change it too.
Yeah!!! Chris!!!
Debra in Indiana

~Kim~ said...

Cute finish! Congrats to Chris


Virpi said...

Your ornament looks really great!

Elisabeth Braun said...

Don't waste your precious time frogging, Mylene, piick another colour that fits well and that you like with this fabric. Believe me, once it's all stitched and finished, you'll never think about 'Oh, it should have been another colour....' again!

No, I haven't started learning the new languages yet as I don't have a good Vietnamese book and my Korean course hasn't yet arrived. I need to e-mail the seller..... Grrr!!

Groetjes, E=)

Christine said...

Love the Blackbird designs ornament Mylene.
I would finish stitching the apron in the colour you are using and then put a backstitch outline in a darker shade along the outer edge to make it stand out from the fabric a bit more

Julie said...

Blackbird Designs is lovely.

Congrats to Chris, well done

Barb said...

Good for your son for his certificate for a job well done. I wouldn't rip it out either I agree just backstitch a shard darker. Your finish looks nice.

Stitchingranny said...

BBD finish is lovely and i love your Stitchers Prayer but must admit if it was me I would be changing it to white Mylene, rather a little frogging now than something you are never going to be 100 percent happy with.

Well done Chris.

Doris said...

beautiful BBD finsih!, and congratulations to Chris :D

Carol said...

Congratulations Chris!!!!! and, your projects are beautiful. I adore that Blackbird Designs ornament!

Julie R's Crafting Blog said...

What a Beautiful are a great stitcher!!!