Friday, August 08, 2008

Max is here....

.....for a long weekend! He was brought yesterday while i was still at the mainland with Grace. Been for a shopping spree for her as School begins for her after next week while Chris starts coming Monday already.

These pictures were taken this morning during our walk at the dyke. Max's really needed a hair cut but the owner seems not to notice it. DH called a barber yesterday so he could bring it himself but they are full for these coming weeks.

The last weeks at work was giving me an unhappy feeling, as it was quite busy. Sometimes i do feel pain above my breast and under my stomach. Plus the way people(costumers) were treated wasn't pleasant at all. I rather not go into details here as i don't know if people reading my blog here on the island. I've work here for nearly seven years and do like it but it is changing so i decided to QUIT!!!
I went in last wednesday and gave in or rather told them i will stop but since they can't get anyone at this time i have to work until the end of September. DH wasn't happy about it as he wanted me stop immediately!

Received my copy of this magazine this month and i am in love with the sampler of Joan Elliott. This sure go into my list to stitch. I am working on one of the 'Pure Indulgence' and hope to show a picture soon.

Thanks so much everyone for stopping by and all the nice comments. I really appreciate them all.


Barbara said...

I didn't know that your job was so stressful - I'm glad you'll be able to stop, although I'm sorry you have to wait so long.

Greetings to Max! :D

Barbara said...

Enjoy your time with Max and hope your work stress eases during your final time there. Job stress is awful to endure and is what finally pushed me into full disability. I'm so happy I'm away from it all now.
Barb in TX

Stitchingranny said...

Max looks as though he is enjoying his weekend with you - he even has a smile on his face.

Love the Home is where the Heart is pattern and will look forward to seeing that soon.

Can your firm make you stay another 6 or 7 weeks? That seems very unfair and what if they do not get someone for then? I hope things work out for you Mylene.

Sandy P said...

Hi Mylene,
I miss you! Every time I see Max I think of my Fred [my BMD] that I had years ago. They are such loving dogs. I hope your life gets stress free soon, a job can sure drag you down.
On the bright side, I Wish I had your hair. Beautiful! I'd love to have your figure too.. LOL Love Sandy P.

Ruth said...

I'm sorry work has been so problematic for you. Soon you will be well rid of them. Pet the puppy--- they are supposed to be therapeutic.

Pike said...

Sorry to hear you had to "suffer" at work: I enjoy my work and I think evryone should find something they really enjoy.

All the best,


Shari said...

Beautiful pictures sorry to hear work has been so stressful. Glad you are able to quit. Will you be looking for a new job or will you stay at home?
Love the pattern you chose out of your new magazine!!!

Debra said...

Mylene, sorry to hear about your job. Home is really neat. Looking forward to seeing it sttiched up.
Debra in Indiana

Doris said...

so sorry for your stressful job, is not healthy stay in a stressful work, i am glad you will be able to stop. please take care.

tkdchick said...

That magazine piece looks like a fun stitch!

Lillie said...

The first pic of Max with your DH(?) by the beach is adorable. Need a second look to realized that its MAX..LOL..great shots.

Must go get me the mag..really nice . Thanks for sharing

Carol R said...

Great photos Mylene.
Sorry to hear you are unhappy at work. Some employers just don't appreciate their staff. I am sure you will find something else soon and if not just enjoy some time off!

Christine said...

Max looks like a handful!
Sorry your job has been making you unhappy, sounds like you made the right decision

CJ said...

Mylene -

You need to do what is best for youself and not feel guilty about doing it. Enjoy the time with Max, I always love looking at your photos. I really miss living in Europe, perhaps we will go back some day.


Karol said...

Thanks for visiting my new blog. Enjoyed your pictures and will be adding you to my blog list. Sorry about your job.

Brigitte said...

Mylene, so sorry that your work is so stressful and that you have to stay longer than you wanted to. I hope you'll find soemthing more agreeable soon.

Olenka's Stitches said...

Sorry to hear about your work stresses, I would quit this kind of work too. The magazine sampler is so adorable, I am looking forward to seeing it finished.
Take care.

Sachiko said...

Great photos!