Friday, March 27, 2009

2 finishes!!

Here is "Step into spring" designed by Gail Bussi which is featured at Cross Stitch Crazy magazine, march 2008.

"Flowers of Spring" designed by Joanne Sanderson, which was featured at The World of Cross Stitching, march 2006.

Both finishes in time for spring but i don't have any idea how to finish them off. Not much inspirations for finishing these days....i've also stitched a couple of small Easter designs which i had planned to send it this week but they are still here, just not in the mood to do anything with it so i am afraid it will not arrive on time so i am not going to send it out.

Barbara and Viv, honestly can't say much about the landal area as we only been there for the nights. The house we stayed in was quite fine, 3 bedrooms, good space around. Our stay was just too short to look around especially where or what they have for facilities, i am sorry i am not much help with it.

Brigitte of Needleand pins, can't find your e-mail info but here are a couple of links: Mattress Pincushion & Scissor fob
Hope it helps.

Many many thanks to all who stopped by and especially to those who takes the time to leave me a comment. I really appreciate them all.

Wish you all a peaceful and happy weekend!


Ranae said...

Those are two wonderful finished designs and out of magazines. I have tons of magazine and have only seriously stitched a few patterns. You have awesome finishing skills, get to work, girl!!

Annie said...

Those will all make the cutest little ornaments. Really makes me feel like spring.

Sent you e-mail... Thanks a bunch for my gift!

Natalija said...

Great job, Mylene. I usually struggle with finishing, too, so can't give you any advice. But I'm sure you'll figure out something :)

Siobhan said...

Both of them are wonderful, Mylene!

Maggie said...

Some lovely finishes again, congrats!

Just getting caught up with your post before this one too, glad you had a good weekend, go karting can be fun can't it? I hadn't tried it either until last year when the company i work for paid for us all to go, we had such fun! they paid for us to go for a second time a few months later because it was such a good sucess.
Hope you have a good weekend.

Shari said...

as per usual, your finishes are fantastic!!!!!! I especially love the top one & am going to have to see if I have that magazine in my tub of British mags. Too cute!!!
When the mood hits, you will know how you want to finish these. I have a pile that needs finished too!
have a great weekend!!!

Edna Melo said...

Lindos trabalhos Mylene!
Estou terminando alguns bordados também. É gratificante vê-los depois de prontos e poder partilhar esta verdadeira obra de arte.

Angela said...

Both are beautiful Spring finishes :)

Ellen said...

Both pieces are beautiful, just right for Spring. I always admire your finishing techniques, so get to work soon. Can't wait to see the end products.


Crazee4books said...

Hi Mylene,

It's Spring on your blog for sure!
Look at your two very pretty little
finishes in all their glorious and
bright colours. I'm not a finisher
so I can't advise you on how to
finish these off, but I'm sure
you'll come up with something.
These are too lovely to leave

Your weekend away looks like it
was a lot of fun, and the weather
was perfect for most everything
that you wanted to do. The
go carting looks to have been a
ton of fun. Hurray for your DH
winning first prize!!

I didn't know what Blokart was
until I looked at your pictures.
Holy cow!! I must say you really
are a brave soul. It does look
like fun though. And it's funny
that the ladies got more joy out
of the event then the gents did.

You do Hardanger stitching???
I can't wait to see your progress
on this piece. I've never tried
this technique because I'd always
be afraid of cutting the wrong
thread but it looks so lovely
when it's done right.

Have a great weekend!


Olenka's Stitches said...

Love your both finishes, they are so bright and spring-y. What if to frame them or to make pillows?

Suzanne said...

These are two very cute finishes! I am sure the finishing will come to you. Sometimes I have to leave my pieces for a little while before I figure out what to do with them.

Michelle said...

They are both lovely, Mylene!

Linda said...

You always do such a nice job with all of the finishes. I love looking at all the stitching, and the pictures of your home.
Linda in TX

Stitchingranny said...

Both lovely. The second one would make a lovely tray cloth or table mat for the centre of a table.

Wendy said...

Congrats on your finishes. They both are gorgeous!

Christine said...

Great finishes Mylene. I agree with helen, the spring flowers would make a lovely tablecentre

Kathy said...

Fantastic finishes! I can't decide which one I like best. :) Both are wonderful spring pieces. I'm sure that whatever way you decide to finish them off it will be perfect.

Carin said...

Step into Spring is absolutely my favourite! Great finishes.

Terry said...

Lovely finishes!

Julie said...

Lovely finishes Mylene, i hope you are feeling a little brighter today.

het lieveheersbeestje said...

Wat prachtig werk weer Mylene! Je bent een bezige bij hoor! Het ziet er ook heel gezellig uit, die foto's van je weekeindje in Zeeland!! Dan heb je natuurlijk geen tijd voor borduren, maar toch heb je deze prachtige lente patronen gemaakt! Heel mooi, en ik ben ook heel nieuwsgierig naar je paas-werkstukken...
prettig weekeind!

Dawn said...

Both finishes look great, Mylene!:)

mainely stitching said...

Wonderful finishes, Mylene!

Thanks for the info on the Landal Parks. :)

Irene said...

They both look lovely and I'm sure however you finish them off they will be great.

Sarah Lindfield said...

Love your finishes Mylene they are such pretty colours. Your weekend in Zeeland looked like fabulous fun.

Brigitte said...

Oh Mylene, they are just wonderful, your finishes. They are perfect for Spring and Easter. It's always difficult to decide how to finish this kind of pieces as they are too big for a smalls finishing. I could imagine the bunny one as a wall hanging and the flowers framed. Or made into a little pillow. But no matter how your will finish them, they will look great!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Mylene
Third time lucky! I tried to leave a comment 2 times before but there were items on your page which wouldn't download and when I clicked comments nothing happened. Your finished projects look beautiful and I wish you a lovely Easter holiday and lots of stitching.
I think my computer needs a little holiday just like we do!
Thanks for your sweet holiday wishes.
Catch up with you in April.

Annette said...

Hoi Mylene,

Wauw wat een mooie borduurtjes.
Netjes gemaakt wat een vrolijke kleuren

Margaret said...

Such lovely finishes Mylene - they truly give the feeling of spring.

Looks like you had an amazing time in Zeeland.

Sally said...

Both of your finishes are beautiful Mylene.

Doris said...

beautiful finish.

Sandra said...

Wonderful finishes Mylene! My favorite is the first one, so cute!

Von said...

Cute projects, Mylene. :)

Your time away in Zeeland looked like a lot of fun. I'm so glad you were able to take a break from the action.

Karan said...

Very pretty finishes Mylene. :0) Hope you feel much brighter soon (((((hugs))))).

Lillie said...

Bright and cheery...lovely.

Maddy*Moo said...

great finished mylene!

too_busy_to_stitch said...

All your recent work is so lovely! Thanks for the comment - I think we might try Landal by the sea in The Netherlands next year - would be close to you, perhaps we could meet up! Maybe even Texel.

Lula said...

aw these are so lovely

Anonymous said...

oh i do like these 2 finishes Mylene, I think the spring flowers would look lovely as a cushion it is so springlike and fresh clours