Sunday, February 28, 2010

"My little heart"SAL

I needed a small design, a quick finish actually to get me back into stitching and saw that Sylvia release the 3rd part of her SAL. (you can click on all pictures to enlarge).
It was really a quick one so i decided to stitch another and finish it off into a scissor fob. Isn't it cute!! This SAL can be seen at Sylvia's blog. Thanks so much, Sylvia!
Thought to offer it for anyone who hasn't a fob yet. If there's more than one who will sign in then i have to make a draw. The name will be pick out on my next post...which will be later this week or before the weekend.
It's the end of the month so i can show my 2nd update on the "Pioen Rose" Alphabet i am doing with Tinna.

What a day it was yesterday! After sleeping in the last days as the kids are on school break, we had to get up early yesterday(saturday) for Chris football game. Finally, after a couple of months that games were cancelled every saturday due to the bad weather, they were allowed to use the field although not all the group as one area or actually on another village was too wet.

Anyway, after the game when everyone's going back to their respective car, our friend saw i have a flat tire. I just look at it, stunned...and don't know what to do, my minds racing i need to call the garage as i definitely don't know how to change a tire. But our friend said he will fix it but he has to go home and change as well as a few equipments he needed for it as it's park on a wet grass. So, off we went to their place and from their i called one of hubby's best mate if he has the time to help out and he came. So between the two of them they've change the tire and went to the garage to let it fix and then back again as the reserve tire isn't a good one.
Whew! Sure i am very very grateful of our friends here as well as you all in blogland for all your friendly and encouraging comments for these past days!

Hubby just called earlier tonight, they are still at sea and no news when they are going back to the harbour. Hopefully though before the weekend...but we just have to wait.

Chris isn't well when we finally got home after dinner last night, probably from the cold as it was quite windy and rainy a bit during their game. After he vomitted before midnight, that's the time he feels better and able to sleep well. We were able to sleep in and then i had to go out this afternoon to one of our friends who had helped yesterday.
That is why i haven't answered any mails yet or visited blogs and groups. I hope to catch up tomorrow. Can't stay late now as school begins tomorrow...Thanks so much for stopping by and hope everyone's having a wonderful weekend!


Debra said...

Your bog is so pretty. I would love to have my name in. Great stitching progress. So, glad you had help with the tire. And hope Chris is back to normal.

Deb said...

I would love to have my name entered. I have a lot of scissors and never get around to making fobs.

Keeping my fingers crossed that your husband makes it back by the weekend! And do hope that Chris is very better soon!

Ranae said...

The stitched FOB is beautiful. Please enter my name.
I only have beaded ones, nothing stitched to dress my scissors
Flat tires are no fun. good that you could get help.
I hope your hubby gets in unexpected to surprise you.
I do hope Chris is feeling better too, poor kiddo

Irene said...

The SAL you are doing looks very nice, happy colors. Glad you were able to get help with the car.

Annie said...

Lovely stitching. Your SALs are good choices. Sylvie's is just the cutest.

Glad you had friends to help you out in your time of need. And hope Chris is feeling a bit better.

Maybe this will be a good week now that February is done!

Lisa said...

I have just placed an order over on Yuko's blog for some new scissors, and that gorgeous fob would be ideal for them. I would love to be entered for a chance to win it please.
I hope your son feels better soon, its never nice being sick.
Thank you

mainely stitching said...

Sounds like life has been very busy. I hope Chris is feeling okay, and that your husband will be home soon. Take care!!

Jackie said...

hope everything will be fine soon :) glad that you are back in yoru stitching again. they are lovely.

Karen said...

Another cute finish! Glad you had someone to help out with the flat tire!

Bev C said...

Hello Mylene, Glad to see you stitching again,lovely work. I am so glad you had someone to help you with the tyre. Happy days to you.

socialsue said...

I would love to enter my name for the fob. Love the "My Little Heart" SAL too.


Edit said...

Mylene, your progress on the SAL and the little fob are both great! I saw this pattern yesterday at Sylvia´s and was very tempted to stitch it :)

Also, I am happy that you have people around who you can count on in such situations. It is really important. Here I do not know anybody yet :( but would like to meet/know more people.

I hope Chris is better now and that you do not need to wait too much longer to be all together.

I wish you a nice week!

Carolyn said...

WELL, since I collect ladybugs I just HAVE to sign up for your darling giveaway! It is just adorable! What a great thing to get back into stitching with. :) Thank you for the chance and happy week ahead!

Annette said...

What a beautifull fob you have made, The SAL is also very pretty..
Your Pioen Roses are so beautifull.
I hope so dat Dh soon came home for you and the kids.... good luck with the car..

Christine said...

That was really fast stitching Mylene! The fob is gorgeous, I'd love a chance to win it.

Great progress on your rose alphabet too

Elaine said...

Your fob is gorgeous Mylene, I would love a chance to win it.
Glad you had such lovely friends to help you in your time of need and I hope your son is feeling better today.

Hazel said...

I already have a lot of fobs so give someone else the chance although it is really pretty! Your SAL is coming along beautifully. You really remind me of my Thai friend - she is married to a Welsh man and also has two children a girl and a boy and the girl is also called Grace. xx

too_busy_to_stitch said...

What a lovely sweet design!

Kay said...

Great progress on your stitching! Sorry to hear your son is under the weather hopefully it passes quickly. Lucky you have to good friends to help you out when you need it! Your weekend sounded like a busy one. At times it helps to be busy it takes your mind away from what is on your mind at the moment. Hopefully your husband will be heading home this week!

Carol said...

You are such a quick stitcher, Mylene--and each piece is so nicely finished! I love the SAL you are doing--so sweet. And your Pioen Rose Alphabet is so pretty, too.

Hope your husband gets home very, very soon!

Katri said...

As lovely as the fob is, I'm going to have to pass the draw, as I do already have fobs (although not all my scissors have fobs yet ;-).

Your SAL piece is very lovely, too!

Sally said...

Your SAL piece is so pretty, Mylene, and I love how you've also stitched it and mdae it into a fob.

I hope Chris is better soon.

Anonymous said...

The fob is gorgeous!!!! Your alphabet SAL is looking great. Keep up the great stitching. Hopefully Chris feels better soon. Praying that DH gets home soon.
Betty in AZ (ILCS)

Maggie said...

Lovely stitching again Mylene :-)

I wouldn't have known how to change a tyre either! I remeber my dad insisted that he show me years ago when i first learned to drive but i don't think i would have a clue now!! glad you got it sorted though.

hope Chris is feeling better now.

Maureen said...

Oh, can you count me in for the fob please - it is so pretty!

Conny said...

Hope Chris will feeling better soon. As always I like your stitching so this little fob too. Love klavertje vier so please enter me in your drawing.

Kathy said...

Both of your SALs are lovely. But I really love the cheery red bird in the first one. :) I also LOVE the fob you made and would love to be included in a giveaway.

I do hope that Chris is better today. And that DH is home soon.

Tracy said...

Beautiful stitching what a cute little fob I would love to be included in the draw and thank goodness for friends I can honestly say I wouldn't know where to start with a flat tyre xx

Kat said...

I'd love to be entered to win such an adorable fob! I do not have one yet. Thanks for the chance!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Mylene
I am just catching up here. Sorry you have been feeling miserable. You must miss your husband so much. I hope and pray that he is home soon.
I am glad you had friends to help you with the flat tire. I hope your son is feeling better soon.
I would love to enter your scissor fob giveaway. It's so pretty and I am always losing my scissors!

Karan said...

Poor Chris - hope he feels much better now. Glad your friends were able to help with the tyre change. I shall have everything crossed that your DH will make it home by the weekend Mylene. :0)
Love the SAL piece & the fab little fob you made. The rose piece is gorgeous - you've made lots of progress. :0)

Julie said...

The SAL is very colourful, what a wonderful idea to make a fob too with the design.

Get Well Soon Chris

Berly said...

chin up, Mylene! Hubby will be home soon. Your stitching is beautiful! Please put my name in. thanks!

Despina said...

very nice! I am doign the sal too, it is so much fun!

Shari said...

your SAL piece is wonderful!!!! I NEED to do mine this week. I am getting further & further behind.
So sorry to hear Chris is sick. Hope he is better by now.
Sorry about the flat tire too. We seem to have that happen so often. I am so thankful you have friends to help you while hubby is away!!!
Hugs to you!!!

Vinniey said...

Your fob's design is so simple and cute! Love the ladybug! "Pioen Rose" is gorgeous! I'm glad that you have friends to help you up with the flat tyre. :) Hope Chris is doing well.

DJ said...

I love your SAL, it's coming along so nicely. I'm collecting the parts, and one day...MAYBE...I'll get started! Love the rose alphabet as well, your stitching is lovely! *Hugs* DJ

mbroider said...

The SAL looks great Mylene. Thanks for stopping by in spite of having a busy/tense time out there.

I know silly me, but i do not have a scissor fob yet. So, pls pls add me to your draw.

Take care

KipperKnitter said...

What a beautiful fob! I would love it if you would enter me into your drawing as I don't have a fob yet. I really enjoy reading your blog and am envious of your finishing skills, especially the ornaments with the beads around the edge. I used to stich years ago and recently started again and am amazed at how things have changed. Hopefully I can get some things completely finished soon. Hang in there---sounds like you are having quite a time of things. It will get better soon. Take care of yourself and don't let these things get you down.

Suzanne said...

Both of your stitching pieces look lovely. I am sorry to hear that your son is unwell, I hope he improves soon.

glenda said...

The SAL and the alphabet are quite pretty. Happy your friends were able to fix your flat. I hate car trouble!!