Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Flatfold, oct. LK, award and other pics.

An autumn design finished into a flatfold. It's a freebie sometime last year but i couldn't find who the designer of this one, i hope somebody knows it and share the name.

Also completed the oct. LK block.

A while back i was the lucky winner of Christine's giveaway. A couple of decorated bangles, arent they lovely!! I love them all as well as all the goodies enclosed. Thank you so much, Christine.

A while back i recieved this award from Amarins, thank you so much for passing it on to sure made me feel special. Amarins works more on big projects and on and off small ones as you can see on her stitching blog. I also admire her cards as everything looks gorgeous and so neatly finished which you can see on her other blog(cards).

Now I must do the following things:
1. The award to pass on to 5 persons
2. List 3 things that i love
3. Post a picture that you love.
Here we go....
1. I am supposed to pass this on to five fellow bloggers but i have to break this one as i cannot definitely pick only 5.
2. I love my family, my friends and stitching!!
3. Below is one of my favorite family picture, when the kids wants to come along everywhere especially going for a walk.

Last weekend, we've been to a friends birthday at the mainland. While the Mums busy in the kitchen my kids were taking care of baby Desley and taking pictures. Aren't these pictures beautiful! I was surprised when i uploaded the pictures as i didn't expect Grace will be on them, lately she doesn't want her picture taken. I wasn't able to use the camera as it was too busy, had to help with the preparations mainly for dinner so i really miss cuddling the baby too.

Thought to post a couple of pictures of the first "Abraham" of the group who celebrated it last May. Luckily, hubby was home then, he was the one who made the placard and provided the costume for the doll.
I have pictures of our yearly outings too and hope one day to compile it on to one album. Just the same with the "Abraham/Sarah" celebrations. Another "Abraham" is celebarting next month and the rest will be next year.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week. Many thanks for stopping by and all the kind comments.


Shari said...

oh my!!! That fall finish is gorgeous!!! I hope someone knows the designer & it is still available!! You do such beautiful finishing work....
the pictures of the kids are great! they look so happy. Your daughter is beautiful.....
have a great week!

Annie said...

Beautiful flat-fold finish as always. Perfect for the season. And the LK block is so cute!

Love the family photos. Your outings always look like so much fun!

Lula said...

Love the neat finish on that flatfold. Congrats on your giveaway and blog award too x

Terry said...

Your stitching is lovely as always. Hope someone remembers what that freebie is as I'd love to stitch that! lol

Great pics!

TammyK said...

Beautiful autumn flatfold. Love the way you finished it. Lovely family photos :)

Christine said...

Your flatfold is beautiful. Don't know who the designer is though.
Glad you liked your exchange gift.
I can't imagine why Grace wouldn't want her picture taken, she is beautiful.

Kathy said...

Your flat fold is simply beautiful. I hope someone remembers who the designer is. Your LK is just lovely and so is the giveaway that you won.

alyssa_marie80 said...

I love your fall finish! Very cute. I'm going to tackle a flat fold one day...When I get brave enough :)

I'm stitching the October stamp as well :)

Bertie said...

Your finishes are beautful Mylene .) that's a wink LOL.
You have got beautiful children!! I think the baby love's them too.

Looks like you had a good 50s party with your neighbour.

Julie said...

Grace is a very beautiful young lady.

Gorgeous flat fold, that is a finish i have yet to try

Lesleyanne said...

Your flatfold finish is gorgeous. Love the LK flip it. Lovely pictures of your family.

Veronika said...

Congrat for your award!
I really like your blog!!! I'm ready with the scissor case, thank you for your help again!!!
Vero from Hungary

Annette said...

Wow I love the finish of you flatfold, so beautifull, I love too hav ethat freebie too, can't find many lovely fall freebies. So I hope someone know's it.

So you stitched it very fast the octber stamp, love it, can't wait too stitch it, I'm starting on June.

You lucky girl lovely give-away you won, and award you got

Great family pictures.
On the other pictures to see you have been busy lately..

Have a great week, and many stitch fun!!

Ingrid said...

Beautiful finish Mylene as always and i love your pictures have such a beautiful kids!

Erna said...

Love your photos and love your stitching, as always beautiful

Minet said...

Beautiful finish of your autumn flatfold. It looks great.

Edit said...

Your finishes are great Mylene, and the family photos beautiful!

The Abraham celebration sounds like fun, it is a really nice tradition :)

Amarins said...

Wat een prachtige foto's toch allemaal weer.
Je borduurwerkje is super mooi geworden, mooie kleuren ook!

Kay said...

I love your finish! You always do such beautiful work! Thanks for sharing all these wonderful photos of your family and friends.

Lynette said...

The flatfold is beautiful Mylene - such amazing finishing! Love your LK finish too.
Great pictures of the children!

Meari said...

That is a cute flatfold! The LK is cute as well. Grace is beautiful... she shouldn't mind having her picture taken :) Your son is adorable, too.

Melissa said...

Your flatfold finish is beautiful! Great job! Your LK finish is great too. You have a beautiful family.

mbroider said...

The family photo is great!! And i am loving Grace's pics. She is very good looking:)

Sally said...

Your Fall finish is lovely Mylene. Not seen this before so can't help with who it's by I'm afraid.

Love your L*K block.

Your family photos are lovely.

Carol said...

Your fall stitching is wonderful, Mylene--and what a beautiful daughter you have! She takes after her mom :)

Tama said...

Ooh, such pretty ornaments!
And you have such a nice family, luv the pics!

Irene said...

Great flatfold, hope you find the site for it. Lovely pictures of your children.