Sunday, May 01, 2011

pincushion, LK & 'meierblis'....

I feel like i haven't stitch for a long time, actually about 4-5 weeks when hubby was home. He went back to sea, to Scotland a few days ago and be back after 5-6 weeks.
This pincushion was stitched sometime last March and now finally arrived to the new owner so i can show a pic. It is a freebie from "Gazette94".

Joined a LK SAL which we are going to stitched one every month, this was for the month of April. Managed to stitched it in 3 days, not really on time as i had done the last stitches today. I don't know yet how to finish it of, thought into another flatfold but it is quite big.

Was Queen's Day yesterday! Viewed most of the happenings on TV, i mean where the Royalties were, it was in Weert-southern part of Holland.
There were lots of activities in every village here but i wasn't in the mood to join all the crowd, just too busy...been only here in our village but wasn't much, mainly for small children.
In the evening i had to join the rest to the 'bonfire' which was outside our village as Chris really wanted to go, can't leave him alone out there.

A 'Meierblis' is a bonfire, is lit on April 30 on the island. Incidentally, this fire has nothing to do with the Queen's Day that celebrated on the same date, the 'meierblissen' are infact part of a much older tradition. Meierblissen are great fires of waste and wood waste, these fires are lit at the beginning of the night . Some roast their potatoes in this fire. Also, become more popular use to blacken the faces with the ashes. According to folklore experts meierblis is a remnant of a Germanicpractice of firing the spirits of winter to dissipate. (source.. Wikipedia)

Thank you all for visiting and all the lovely comments. I really appreciate them all. Weekend is over... and the kids have Spring break. Chris have a friend staying over for the night, hope they will sleep in...


Karin said...

Hoi Mylene,

Wat toevallig, ik heb afgelopen week precies hetzelfde hangertje van Gazette94 geborduurd en verwerkt...grappig.


Shari said...

both pieces are gorgeous bright & cheery!!! I love those from the gazette blog...I have them printed to do someday!!
I wondered when I saw your facebook pictures....that the fire scared me at first..I thought oh no!!!
Now, I see it was a planned bonfire!

Patty C. said...

Gazette 94 has some lovely patterns don't they - Lovely finishing Mylene

Loraine said...

What cute finishes! It's hard to get anything done when my husband is home too. Too much cooking and cleaning to do! LOL I hope you have a productive month!
Thanks for sharing about the bonfire. Very interesting! Hugs to you!

Karen said...

What two cute pieces!

Kate said...

Cute finishes. Haven't seen the LK one before. I enjoy seeing all your pictures. Thanks.

Irene said...

Cute finishes !

TammyK said...

2 Great finishes :) Congrats!

Carol said...

Very nice, bright finishes, Mylene! And so interesting to read about the tradition of Mieierblis, too... I love learning about different traditions and holidays from around the world.

Bev C said...

Hello Mylene,

Thank you for letting us know about what is happening in your part of the world. Lovely stitching.
Enjoy the time with your children.
happy days.

Kay said...

Beautiful finishes as always! I am a cat lover first and dog lover second so I really love the cat finish!

Lesleyanne said...

Two great finishes. I haven't seen either of them before. Thank you for sharing the bonfire - great pictures.

Rena said...

Mylene ,
just beautiful !
Love your both stitcheries !

Annette said...

What a cute design that pinchusion!!!
And Cat-lover looks great... fun to stitch I think

Wow what a big bonfire!!
Have a great week, hope it's sunny for you!!

Michelle said...

Great stitching - I love the pincushion! The bonfire looks like a lot of fun.
Have a good week!

Christine said...

The pincushion is beautiful and the cat design is wonderful!

Wendy said...

lovely stitching !

do you ever get used to your husband being away for such a long time ?
I just do not know how you do it.
my husband is often gone for a night, him being a truck driver, and I find that difficult.
cannot imagine him being gone longer.
maar misschien went het ?

did you watch the royal wedding to, the day before ?

Anonymous said...

My son would have said the bonfire was to celebrate his birthday. LOL

I did watch part of the wedding, but I did not get up at 4 A.M. to watch it live. I saw it on the evening news.

♥ Nia said...

That pincushion is so adorable!! Really cute =)
You're going to stitch one LK every month? That's so cool! I loev LK designs :)
I know we are going to see more beautiful things made by you :D
Have a great week sweetie :)

Justflo said...

Lovely stitching Mylene. I love the little pincushion,

The colours in your 'cat' piece are very pretty.

Hope Chris's friend and Chris did sleep in for you
Have a good time.

Julie said...

Super cat design and lovely pincushion

Anonymous said...

wat weer een schattig lente borduurtje Mylene en je LK is ook leuk geworden, jij werkt alles zo netjes af ik bewonder je werk !
groetjes Marjolein

Siobhan said...

Lovely stitching, Mylene!

I enjoyed seeing the photos of meierblis!

Sally said...

Lovely finishes Mylene. The pincushion is so sweet.

Lisa said...

Love your little pincushion and the LK design, they're both so cute and cheerful.

Suzanne said...

Two very lovely designs!

I miss bonfires. They were banned many years ago here in this country which is a real shame. We used to have one at my grandparents house every year on the Queen's Birthday long weekend.