Friday, October 18, 2013

Autumn Exchange... one of the Yahoo groups. Honestly, haven't visited yahoo groups for quite a while, too busy at work and home...what a surprise to see the changes made when i log in recently. A few, i cannot follow anymore and only one stays the same old format. Anyway, here's what i send for the exchange and received back in return from Frances. Sorry, the pictures aren't clear, just had taken with my Iphone  in the evening.
A week ago my daughter who is now studying in the University in Utrecht since last September sent me this picture through WhatsAp. Finally a clear picture with her and her boyfriend, Dennis.
He's been in some pictures with us as group usually when we are out dinning and wasn't that clear so i am happy to receive this one from her. She doesn't like much to be in the picture compare to when they were little kids...

Thanks so much for stopping by and the lovely comments.
A happy weekend to all.


Jackie said...

Your daughter has grown into a beautiful young woman!

Yahoo is slowly migrating all their groups over to a new format. It takes some adjusting to. Beautiful exchange pieces!

Annette said...

beautifull pieces you have made!!

Your a too busy housewife.. work so much.. and then at home doing it all alone!!
Mijn petje af voor je!!!

What a beautifull babay girl you have.. and she has a wonderfull boyfriend..
they look awesome togheter!1
How is it that your little girl is studing so far away!!
When comes she home??

Christine said...

The exchange pieces are lovely. Great picture of Grace

Sally said...

Lovely exchanges.

Beautiful photo of your daughter and her boyfriend.

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely exchanges both sent and received. Great pictures.

Julie said...

Grace looks beautiful, they make a lovely couple.

Super exchange.

Annie said...

Gorgeous exchange pieces. The new Yahoo formats are driving us all crazy.. you are not alone!

Your daughter looks so beautiful! Lovely photos of the happy couple.

Kay said...

Your daughter is a beautiful young woman, lovely photo of her and her boyfriend! Beautiful exchange pieces. Have a good week!

Kryx said...

Your daugther will be so nice as you. :)

I like your family photos and your work also.