Tuesday, September 16, 2014

20 years....

....imagine my surprise while at work and saw a van stopped by and gave a huge..really huge bouquet of flowers to my colleague who was nearby the door and i said further away WOW!..and her thumbs says for you..means for i went inside following my colleague and she says this huge thing is for you...i stand still and says what's the date today??? oh my...i was or better say...Anniversary! Hubby is the U.K for work but remembers... ...really gorgeous bouquet of flowers! So busy here...what with the builders, at work due to the lovely summer weather and looking after the house and kids. Thank you so much, Lief!!

Monday, September 08, 2014

...started breaking out the front wall!

Now, the works really starts for the builders... We are getting a new roof and at the same time a few changes for the upper floor. Quite a work had done at the end of the day. The big bricks were removed so you can see it through, before the builders left they had placed a plastic so it looks closed from the outside...Glad we are having a nice sunny weather though a bit windy but hopefully it stays dry for a while. Had a realaxing sunday...starts with an early morning stroll along the dyke...and then a visit to Kees mother at midday. On impulse later in the afternoon we decided to have a barbecue...the first and probably the last this year. With the backyard filled with materials for the builders and hubby will be leaving this week to the U.K for work...i ĺl be working lots too as weather stays good so lots of tourist around. Thanks to all who stop by and hope everyone have a good start of the week.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

...scaffold placed and upper floor is bare...

Aside from work we've been busy at home too emptying the upper floor, all the works breaking up the walls had done by hubby as i was ussually at work...a couple of times his brother and brother-in-law had helped. Since yesterday, the construction workers put up the scaffold as they'll start working on it on monday next week. Glad, we don't have to leave the house as we had expected earlier. Still high season here due to the late summer nice warm weather so i am afraid not easy to rent a place nearby our place. An off day in between this week so been out for a quick lunch as there's a lot to do around here but ended up staying almost the whole afternoon enjoying one of the local beer. Many thanks to all who had stopped by and leave me a comment on my previous update. Hope you are all having a good week.