Wednesday, December 09, 2015

A day out with friends... a garden center! Arriving at the ferry early this morning saw the sun coming out but we had to wait till we can drive into the ferry and can get a good view of the sun. After parking i ran to the farfront of the ferry to get a good picture and i wasn't the only one...we had a good laugh at it as we are acting like tourist! I was'nt planning to buy much as we had booked a mid-week vacation first week of school christmas vacation. I really wanted to get out of the island during my birthday on the 24th. I joined my friends for the fun and catching up on news as i haven't seen them in a while being hubby home and had worked much lately...but can't resist all the lovely things out there so i did bought quite some lovely things. Came home in time for dinner so had to prepare that...still enough energy in me and i just discovered that i had an appointment with the dentist early tomorrow morning and afterwards to work... prompted me to start on the items i had bought. ...especially this arrangement i had in mind. Kind of happy how it turns out. Not all were done but atleast i had a start.. Wishing you all friends a happy week.


Lillie said...

The flower arrangement look really pretty.
Sound like you had a wonderful time.

Brigitte said...

You have been busy as always, Mylene. And you made some wonderful arrangements with the things you bought at the garden centre. You are such a creative person, not matter what you do - stitching, cooking, flowers - everything is just gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a nice time away. I always go to the front of the ferry too.

Our trip across the river is not very long --- about 10 minutes. But, I enjoy it EVERY time.

Julie said...

Beautiful arrangement

Annette said...

Sounds awesome yoru time with friends, I saw it of fb.. You must had a wonderfull day!!
The last flower pic, you made it, or bought?