Sunday, January 31, 2016

My Social Book

I ordered my third book a couple of weeks ago and it didn't take long and it arrived...sure happy of it. Yeah, had been more active on facebook than blogging, think because it is quite easy to post anytime and especially most my family and friends have access to it compare to blogging. Also, was glad i had posted pics over there otherwise i don't have nothing..our pc crashed around september and i've lost ALL pictures of 20 years over here. I haven't done much stitching these last couple of weeks, this small piece was stitched first week of January and was sent to Mouse in the U.K for her 50th birthday which she wants to make a quilt out of stitched pieces fro m stitching friends. Glad to contribute for it. When weather permits, with friends been for walks and have some drinks and enjoy the sunny moments. I do bake, sometimes twice a week but sometimes i made the same cake or tart so don't take pics all the time..unless when it is new i do take pictures of it. A couple of evenings had a furry friend stayed. The first morning has been quite a good weather so we were able to go to the dike for a walk but the next day has been stormy. This friend rather not step out the door when it's raining, either! Thanks everyone for stopping by and for taking the time to leave me a comment. Really Appreciate them all.


Anonymous said...

What a good idea to make a book of all your photos.

Have a wonderful week.

Vickie said...

Love those Social books!! Cute teapot finish!

Julie said...

Your winter flat fold looks beautiful.
Super block for Mouse's quilt.
Love your social book, great idea.

CJ said...

Hi Mylene -

Enjoyed your post today. the cake looks yummy. Great stitching.


Lillie said...

Am very sure you had a great time looking back at the wonderful yesteryears in your Social book.

Beautiful stitching and bake.

Maggie said...

Love the blog book, what a great idea!

The piece you stitched for Mouse is just perfect for her :-)

Brigitte said...

These books made of blog entires and pictures are a very good idea. Particularly when you have a lot of pictures on your blog. Enjoy it.
Nice little stitched piece for mouse.

Carol said...

It will be fun to look at the photos in those Social Books in the coming years, Mylene--lots of good memories!

Angela said...

Love the social book and the piece you stitched for Mouse.

Jackie said...

Love that you've put your blog into book form! I need to think about doing that too. You always have such yummy things coming out of your kitchen!

Von said...

I enjoyed this glimpse into your week, Mylene! I have to say your family is so lucky to have you preparing so much delicious food for them! :)

Annette said...

really cool you social books!!!
Have so much fun looking at them!!
Your relly back on your stitching!! have fun also when you have little time for it!!