Monday, March 20, 2023

March ornament

My ornament for this month is another Lizzie Kate is from the Just Cross Stitch ornament issue 2002.
Still stitching Easter ornaments which will be given to friends, the ones that are for outside the country were already posted and received, one to the U.S was received in less than a week..i was really surprise. Usually it takes nearly 2weeks before.

Been away for a couple of days in one of the big city, this time in Groningen.
One of the Craft shop, De Handwerk Boetiek were i usually ordered my stitching supply is nearby..know this shop for more than 20 years and it's only now i visited it in person. I can only say WOW! I can say i did spent quite a fortune on stitching goodies. If it were not for my BF i had spent the whole day in there. And so glad to meet the owner, Anemiek.. though she was not feeling well as she just got back from Nashville...
Here's a pic of what i've bought..can't really pick on what to start first...but soon on my off days next week.
At the city of Groningen, i can say truly a bicycle haven. There are bikes everywhere, kind of scary in some areas to wonder though, i am not use to it. We did had a good visit around despite of the cold, but i think we had spent more time cafe's😊 picture below took it after dinner when we were on the way to our hotel. I was really surprised so busy in some of the cafe's/bar as it is quite cold outside. Well, it is a University lots of younters, students..also lots from other countries.
Hope everyone having a lovely start of the week...and Thanks to all who stop by and leave me a comment. I really appreciate it❤️


Pamela said...

Sweet finish and a great trip. You made some nice purchases.

Jackie's Stitches said...

Your ornament is lovely!

There is nothing like a needlework shop in real life! It can be overwhelming but in a good way!

Carol said...

Love your March ornament, Mylene! And what a treat to visit a needlework shop in person. I don't have any near me so I know it would feel like heaven! Looks like a lovely trip to Groningen. And you certainly found some lovely new charts and fabrics--enjoy!

Faith... said...

Great monthly ornament. I love Lizzie Kate designs. You did some good shopping at the needlework store! You bought lots of good chart. I hope you enjoy stitching them once you figure out which one to start with.

Enjoy your week.

Akila said...

Lovely ornament. And what a haul!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Lovely ornament, L*K make some great little designs.
Your haul is amazing, you got some fabulous charts.
The town looks great too, hope everyone uses the bell on their bike to warn you they are coming!

Akila said...

Love the stash collection. Waiting to see what you start first. Lovely holiday pictures

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