Friday, October 20, 2006

It's been a while since my last post, busy as always with work and other activities but not stitching.
Though I did stitched in between and finished these small christmas designs which at first i intended to make it into cards but now i am not sure, perhaps i can make an ornaments out of them too. Just don't know yet!

Been working on a few older projects too like this Winnie the pooh, made a mistake part of the nose so i have to remove it later before finishing off the backstitching on winnie's part.

Well, we are supposed to go to the mainland again this weekend but was cancelled or rather move to wednesday. At last, we are home this weekend...oh not completely as we have to go to a birthday party on sunday afternoon..........hmmmmmmmmmmm social life has been pretty busy the last months!!! Agenda is filled up until the beginning of next year!

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