Friday, October 06, 2006

The week is nearly over, isn't that so quick!!! It seems just yesterday when i last posted but it was days ago. hmmmmmmmmm.

Thanks for the well wishes, much as i wanted to rest it was until thursday afternoon when i got to nap for a while. Monday & tuesday had to work quite long days and wednesday, the kids are off for school, i took Grace for shopping at the mainland. She's not a girl who likes shopping, rather stay home and play with her friends but it is really needed. Whew, what a tiring afternoon but we got quite what she wanted, now i promised Chris is the next this coming wednesday afternoon and he's looking forward to it and does emphasis, just me and him!

Thursday evening went for the quilt course and learnt the next step on the cushion, i am nearly done with the quilting and have to finish it into a cushion. Next project for the next lesson which is after two weeks is a 'log cabin', the examples we've seen was really good. I just need to choose which fabric, colours i am going to use. I don't have any here at home so have to rely it on the shop where the course taken. Quite expensive but i do want to learn more.......

Tomorrow, saturday is Grace birthday party for her friends. In the end she decided to go to the indoor swimming for a few hours and then back home for dinner. We will prepare 'gourmet' for them. She has a few other plans of her own but it'll be very busy and also an outside activity, weather isn't that good here the last days, very windy and rainy so we haven't given in to all!!

SUNDAY, have to work!! Not my working day but have to fall in for a colleague who is away for that day. Will be working 3day straight this week and as i can see on our agenda next week is fully book as usual for birthday and other activities.

ohhhhh, i want to stitch, stitch, stitch......................

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Von said...

Happy Birthday to Grace!! Hope her party was great fun for everyone. :D