Saturday, May 05, 2007

Received a wonderful surprise today!

This magazine from Anna. I LOVE it and hope to start a couple of projects from this magazine. I didn't know they have Hardanger chart in this mag. too. Since i haven't have one framed yet i might do this one to be frame. Thank you so much Anna.

It's spring break for the children here and Chris friend (Mels) had stayed here for three nights, after that they went to Mels place for a night, that was thursday night and then Grace called from her friends place if she can stay for the night there too. A pity i had to go to my quilt course that night and came home around eleven at night, DH wasn't that happy with that....

I had mentioned earlier that this one should be finish by August but when i checked my birthday calendar, his b-day is the third week of JUNE!! It's next month already, i don't know why i thought it's in Aug. Now i really have to work on this and hopefully be done the beginning of June so it can be frame before the kids birthday.

Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving comments. I really appreciate them all.


Dawn said...

Pooh looks great! I'm sure you will get it done in time:)

Barbara said...

Pooh and friends is looking fabulous. And in my experience, kids don't mind at all if a gift arrives a bit later! :)

veronique said...

hi mylene, i hope you can finish it in time, and otherwise they won't look ugly at you if it's a bit later.. i wouldn't with such a beautiful present.. good luck

Aussie Stitcher said...

Pooh bear is looking great.