Wednesday, May 09, 2007

School Football of Grace!

We've been to watch the football competition of all the different school here on the island this afternoon. There were four teams from Grace school, one group of girls, one of boys and two mixed(boys and girls). I am not sure anymore how many teams there were all, according to DH, there were about 16 teams.
Grace team had win all their match, which was three in all so they were qualified to the finals and finally win as first!
One of the mixed team been qualified to the finals too and win as first! So they were really happy and we as parents too. It was amazing to see them play, didn't really expect they are that strong and fast. Their ages range from 10 to 13 years old, some are really quite tall!
By the way, Grace is the keeper with the red shirt!


Dawn said...

Grace is a beautiful girl! Congrats to her and her team:)

Margaret said...

Congratulations to Grace and her team. As a keeper she can be extra proud of the win.