Thursday, August 02, 2007

Off for a long weekend!!!

Oh well i don't even know where to start anymore, it seems so long since last i posted here. It is just too busy here, with the children and their friends in and out of the house or taking/accompanying them somewhere. Also we had a dog to look after since tuesday and they've just picked him out tonight(thursday). Here's a couple of picture of him that i've taken this morning after our early walk at seven. We will surely miss him.

Last week, received these fabrics from Barbara. After she read my message about coloured fabrics, she generously offered some of hers. Thanks so much, Barbara. I did stitched on the blue one already with the joy pattern of Lizzie Kate, but haven't made up to something yet. It will be an ornament for sure.

A couple of cards that was sent earlier and x'mas cards done too.

It wasn't our planned to go away as i can't get a break at work but since i only work monday and tuesday and it was really crazy these week at work, when i got home tuesday evening i said to DH i want to get out at least for the weekend so the following day we looked up for a last minute booking and ended up through Hogenboom Vakantieparken, a bungalow in Gelderland
Will be off tomorrow morning(vriday) and be back monday morning, hopefully on time for my work at 12PM.

Hope everyone have a good weekend. Sorry, haven't had much time to visit everyone's blog the last days.


glenda said...

You've got some great looking finishes, as usual!
Have a great weekend

Anonymous said...

such cute work

Heidi said...

Nice cards and the fabrics. Have fun for the weekend!

Lillie said...

Very sweet of Barbara to sent you the fabrics. The cards are all a fab. Hoped you had a wonderful weekend.

Margaret said...

Hope you had a wonderful weekend in Gelderland Mylene. Great to get away for a few days from your very busy life. Often when I read your posts I wonder how you manage to to so much.
Lovely finishes and how wonderful that Barbara sent you these pretty fabrics.
Have a good week.

veronique said...

hi mylene
you made some lovely cross stitch cards and your hardanger piece looks very beautiful !!!! looking forward to see the end result...
greetz, veronique