Wednesday, June 11, 2008

HOE Freebie Exchanges

WHEW! Did anyone miss me????

I have to come out of hiding to present the wonderful package i received from the HOE Freebie Exchange.

stitched me this wonderful freebie and finished it beautifully! I just LOVE it!!

Eversince i've discovered her blog i really admired her work so i was really pleased when i received one of her works.

She also spoiled me with all the extra's enclosed as you can see on the picture. Thank you so much, Olga!!!

Valerie received the freebie i stitched for the exchange. So glad it has arrived safely and that she likes it. In haste for bringing to the post office haven't taken a picture of the whole pacakge. She has picture on her blog though.

Freebie pinkeep
Mon Ami Pierre designer
36 ct linnen
Belle Soie Rose of Sharon

It's been pretty busy here lately so not much time to come online, instead i try to devote whatever spare time i can get to work on a couple of exchanges.
I am really behind with blog readings so please please do understand if i haven't leave any comment.
With summer break approaching, there's so many different activities for the children, in and out of school. So that keeps us busy as well as works and socially too!!

Thank you all so much for stopping by especially to those who take time to leave a comment. I really appreciate them all.

Barbara, thanks for the offer. I received two from exchanges, so there's no reason for me not to try, just don't have the time yet. But, i still have about three weeks...?? Oh, my...why oh why does the time passes by so quickly!!


Barbara said...

Glad you're all set on the tins. Great post - love all the pictures!

Lillie said...

Both sent and received are well done.

Take care..remember to take time for rest, Mylene.

Brigitte said...

Those were great exchanges, the one you sent as well as the one you received. For me the freebie exchange was my first on HOE and I'm also very happy with it. Great exchange group.

Carol R said...

Great exchanges both sent and received. Love the MAP pinkeep!

Deanne J said...

Great exchanges Mylene

Karan said...

Love both of the exchange pieces, sent & received. What a great finish on the received one - must try that some time! :0)
I remember all those end of term activities from when my DS was at school - hardly got time to think straight! It gets a lot easier once they leave school Mylene. LOL

Sally said...

Both exchanges are lovely Mylene. I do love the pinkeep you stitched. I think I'll have to do this one:)

Meari said...

What a great exchange, Mylene!

Shari said...

wow Mylene! What a wonderful package to arrive in the mail! I bet that made your day!! Beautiful stitched pieces!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your amap is precious!

Stitchingranny said...

lovely gift (wonder where she got that freebie from), and also a lovely piece stitched by you.

Mylene my children have long since left home and i still get behind with blogs. Everyone is so busy they have such a lot to write about lol.

Julie said...

Wonderful exchanges.

Life is always busy when you have children

take care