Sunday, July 27, 2008

Busy days....

First off, i want to thanks Beth and Heather for the awards. This means a lot to me to know that you like and enjoy my blog to come and visit and also for leaving comments.

Last wednesday, we've been to one of the amusement park at the mainland, Speeltuin Linnaeushof. It was our first time to this park so we really don't know what to expect although we had an idea through their website. It was a good park for Chris and Mels age but for Grace and her friend Helene isn't much. It's not a big park so we let the girls on their own and we stayed with the boys. In all we had quite a fun day.

The last days, we've been to the beach though almost every evening we had something scheduled, so we have to come home around five while it was still warm thus the boys doesn't want to leave the beach. Yes, i said boys as Chris and Mels have been together everyday!

Thusrday evening, we've been to the cinema for the movie, Mama Mia. Actually a ladies out with Grace, her friend Helene and her mum and sister. It was funny and a good film.

Friday evening, we went out to dinner with friends and after that, been to their place for drinks.

Honestly, haven't done any stitching these last days, i am getting worried now for a couple of exchanges, as i haven't started them yet. Atleast their due date were around the end of August.

I've just read that Debra received the Mattress Pincushion i made for the Small Finished Exchange for the month of July. Her theme was flip flops and do hope she likes what i've made.

I hope everyone have a wonderful weekend. Thanks so much for visiting and all the lovely comments.


Debra said...

Mylene, great pictures. I love the SFE you sent me.
Debra in Indiana

Meari said...

Cute pincushion!

CJ said...

Mylene, looks like you had great fun. Love the pincusion.

CJ in Texas

Shari said...

the kids look like they had a blast at the park, especially the boys!!! The pin cushion you did for Debra is beautiful!!! I KNOW she will love it!

Anonymous said...

lovely pin cushion.

Doris said...

cute pincushion ,
all look very happy in the summer time :)

Julie said...

Nice pics of your outings and a very nice mattress pin cushion too

Barbara said...

My kids have asked to go to this place, too. I have been putting them off, as I'm not sure it's really appropriate for the younger kids.

Great mattress style pincushion!!

Barbara said...

Love your mattress pincushion. You do such lovely work and I always enjoy seeing what you've stitched. Looks like a good time was enjoyed by everyone.
Barb in TX

monique said...

What a lovely pincushion!
Those are great photo's.You all sure had a lot of fun.

Stitchingranny said...

Wow i love the mattress pin cushion it is so so neat Mylene. This is something I havent dared to try.

Looks like you are having great fun with your children during the holidays.

Sally said...

Beautiful mattress pincuhsion.

It looks as though you've all been having a fantastic time:)

Sachiko said...

Wondeful weekend!Looks fun!!

Beautiful mattress pincusion!

Lillie said...

That mattress is so cute!
Looks like you had a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...