Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Max's been to the trimming parlour!

What a rushed i had this morning as the appoinment made last year for Max's trimmings at 9am was quite early, but i have to bring Chris first to school and pick up Max-(the owner can't bring him himself as he has to go to work). Have to drive about 20minutes to the parlour. When we made the appointment DH thought he's home then but ohhh no! He's away for a 2 weeks course, though he will be home weekend.
Took this picture of Max outside the parlour
when i didn't opened tha car door at once. DH had asked me to take a picture before and after the trimming but i was sooo in a hurry i forgot my camera!

Took this picture while he's content lying down on the kitchen floor when we arrive while i am preparing lunch for me and Chris. Grace have lunch box everyday during school days.
After lunch i called the owner at his work if i could keep Max till Saturday as DH want to see him too and he said fine and brought his food. I think he's happy that Max is here as he doesn't have much time due to his work.

We don't ussually take pictures especially on adults birthday so that is why i haven't attach any picture on my last post. Here's a group picture of our friends during one of our outing previous year. Most them came in the evening and a couple came in the afternoon while one couple had called that evening that they are on the mainland, so they couldn't make it.
In the afternoon where mostly family, 2 sisters of DH with their husbands, MIL, a couple of neighbours with their kids and a few other friends.

Three of these designs from different magazines i had started and the 'Home is where... will start it next week, together with Tinna(no blog). We expect to finish it in 4 weeks, now we'll see if i really can make it as i keep on starting new projects while i still have lots unfinished!

A squirrel block for Sharyl's quilt, her theme was animal. Hope she will like it. Next, i am finishing for the quilts are EMS babies and Circus theme. Still a few more on the list but do hope to be done with this before 2009 ends.

Meari: the snacks are off puff pastry(store bought)one was filled with ham, pineapple and cheese while the other one was filled with tomato sauce, salami & cheese.

Thank you all so much for stopping by and all the lovely comments. I deeply appreciate them all.


Annie said...

Max looks beautiful!

You really are a serial starter! But whatever makes it interesting.

The quilt block is very cute.

Doris said...

Max look so cute!!! and his hair look great too!.

the squirrel is lovely!.

Lindsay-ann said...

Hello Mylene
Sounds like you had a busy day with lovely Max. I love your squirrel block, it's beautiful. It was great to catch up with your news. Happy stitching.

Tama said...

Max looks wonderful!
and I really like your beautiful squirell!!!
Good luck with the new projects!

Ellen said...

I also love to start new projects but this year I will try to stick to my 2 big ones. Happy stitching with your new projects. Love your squirrel and Max looks good.


Christine said...

The squirrel block is lovely. Have fun with your new starts

mainely stitching said...

Max looks dashing! :D

Siobhan said...

Max looks like a handsome giant! :) I love it when dogs come back from being groomed. I love your squirrel block!

Brigitte said...

The squirrel you stitched is just adorable.
You started some nice projects. They are from British magazines, aren't they? Looking forward to seeing your first finished.

het lieveheersbeestje said...

Wow, wat een prachtige hond hebben jullie! Kan ik trouwens in het nederlands schrijven? Dat is wat makkelijker.. Ik zie dat je een echte hyper-borduurder bent! Heel mooi en zo veel! Prachtig, dat eekhoorntje..

Wendy said...

I like the squirrel! Nice start you will have also!

Edna Melo said...

the block of the squirrel is pretty! I liked it very Max also. It must be adorable!

Beth said...

I think Max's owner is lucky to have you all! It's so nice that Max feels comfortable staying with you. I'm sure he likes it because there is always someone home. He looks mahhh-velous after being groomed! ...and so content! LoL!

It sounds like you had a wonderful belated birthday celebration! As always, your stitching is beautiful!


Dani - tkdchick said...

That squirril is adorable!

Dawn B. said...

Max looks so content. Love the new start ideas. Great gifts you got in your last post.

Terry said...

I love the Home Is Where The Heart Is pattern. So pretty!! Can't wait to see it finished.

Julie said...

Max looks so happy.
Squirrel block is nice.

Maggie said...

Our dog is no longer with us but she used to hate going to the 'beauty' parlour, i used to have to carry her in! if we went for a walk past there anytime she used to pull really hard on her lead and rush past the shop with her head down, lol.
I love Home is Where... I had intended to do this when i got the mag in the post, still haven't got round to it!
Maggie x

Barbara said...

Max looks so happy. Don't know where you get all your energy, but you can always send some to me if you have any extra. Yes, you suffer from start-itis and I'm afraid there is no cure. LOL Love the pic of all your friends & family.
Barb in TX

Karan said...

Max really is a handsome chap. :0)
I like all those new starts but the sheep one & the one below are great - look forward to seeing your progress pics. Squirrel piece is lovely. :0)