Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Computer is fixed!

My computer has had a very bad virus, DH tried to remove it last weekend when he came home, spent a few hours but he couldn't remove it. He has took it out this morning from my table...i thought here we go, it might really take a while before it gets back but when i got home this aftrenoon from helping at Chris school, my PC is back at my table. Thanks to DH i can get online again. I really did missed it! Also for uploading the pictures taken since Christmas. I can see now i haven't taken much pictures....

As for stitching, i do have a few finishes lately, small ones but can't show all as most were for gifts and exchanges. Also started a few projects but not much to show pictures off. Had spent sometime reorganizing some freebies too that i've printed last year and which ones that i will do stitch and some have to throw. Next (when dh is off which will be next month) will be some magazines, as i've subscribed to a couple of the U.K Cross stitch magazine for a few years now. I have only one now going, had to stopped the others much as i like them as i am not working anymore... not much income for hobbies.

Helga Mandle Designs
32ct. minster linen
DMC threads

Here is one of my first finishes this year. Will finish it off into a flatfold later.

USA Floss ring tag
Lizzie Kate freebie
32ct linen
DMC threads

Floss ring tag for Vicky, the last one for the SFE at ILCS yahoo group.


Terry said...

Glad your computer is up and running again. Love your finishes.

Ranae said...

hooray, a working computer.
Both your finishes are lovely designs.

Shari said...

yeah Mylene,
so glad you have your computer back up & running!!! We are lost without them, aren't we??
Your finishes both look wonderful! Keep up the great work!

Sandra said...

Great finishes Mylene! Glad you're back on the cyber world. I hadve to do some maintenance to mine soon.

My spring is lying on the UFO pile waiting to become a small bag. Wish the day had more hours.

Christine said...

Glad your computer is fixed.
Two lovely finishes there

Edna Melo said...

Hi, Mylene!I'm visiting your blog in first time . It's really beautiful! Congratulations.

Annie said...

Feels good to be back online, yes?
I love the design by Helga. It's one of many on my to-do list. You stitching looks great!

Meari said...

Congrats on your finishes, Mylene. Glad you're back online!

Doris said...

congratulations for your finish mylene,and i am happy tat your computer is ok again.

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Mylene
Glad to hear your computer is fixed.
Your finishes look great.
Best Wishes

Von said...

Hurray! So glad your computer is running once again! :D

Tama said...

Yay! I am glad that your computer has been fixed.
Your projects are so cute! Very nice work!

Brigitte said...

Good to see that your computer is running again. And ohh, a very nice little spring design. I'm also in a spring-stitching-mood but have to finish two exchanges first.

Sally said...

Good to see you back Mylene. So pleased your computer is working OK again.

Lovely stitching.

Joy said...

Love it!! I am now attempting linen...yikes! LOL Please share later when it becomes a flatfold.

Carin said...

Great to see you back. What do we have to do without computer? :(

Love your floss tag! Great finishes.

Lynn B said...

Lovely finishes Mylene!

het lieveheersbeestje said...

Hoi Mylene! Wat leuk dat je even op mijn blog hebt gekeken. Jij bent echt heel supergoed in borduren hoor! En dat terwijl je op zo'n mooi plekje woont (ik zou de hele dag langs het strand slenteren hoor!)

Groetjes mama lieveheersbeestje

Maggie said...

Glad you have your computer working again, whatever did we do before the internet!!
Lovely finishes too.

maggie x

Shell said...

yeah nice to see you back,cute finishes.

mainely stitching said...

So glad that your PC is working again. Hooray! :D

Erica said...

Thanks for your kind words Mylene!
I really appreciate it! Right now this rug is feeling like an anchor around my neck. I will be very glad to finish it up!

Ellen said...

Glad that your computer is fixed, welcome back online. Love your first finish, Helga's Spring.


Julie said...

Lovely to see you back here Mylene, we missed you.

Nice stitching.