Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wishing everyone a "Happy Easter"!!

Such a lovely surprise came in this week from Annette. A very cute cute crocheted piece!!
Thank you so much, Annette. You are very creative and i feel so honored to receive one of your creations.

A coincidence actually that one of my spring finishes was on the way to her too.

So glad to hear it has arrived safely and that she loves it. It was a freebie from:
mausimoms freebies. Isn't this a cute one and love the backing fabric too...went to the shop where i bought it last year for more but they don't have it anymore.

It's been lovely weather over here, more like summer than spring so we've been for walks almost every evening with dh...i sure gonna miss it as he is leaving next week to Ireland.

Thought to show a pic of a few snacks i made for sister-in-law's birthday last week. Prepared these too for hubby's b-day but just haven't had the time to take pictures. Placed it unto tupperwares so SIL can arrange it the way she wanted.

...flower pics will be next....a happy and blessed easter to all!!


Shari said...

wow Mylene,
the fabric on the back of the piece you sent it GORGEOUS!!! No wonder you went back looking for more...It matches your beautiful stitching wonderfully!
Love the pictures of you on your evening walk....someday it will warm up here....
Happy Easter to you!!!!

Lisa V said...

Happy Easter Mylene!

Lizy said...

Happy Easter to you and your family!!!!!

Natalija said...

Happy Easter to you, too :) Lovely finish. And the backing fabric looks so cheerful. Love the antipasti you made for the b-day.

Annette said...

......HAPPY EASTER....

I'm glad you liked it the little cute egg..
I love your pinkeep!!!

Ow yummy they look so lovely....
can you mail me how you make them....

Mouse said...

Awwww what a cute chick :) love the spring pin keep :) lovely when you can get out for walks :) Happy Easter to you and yours :)love mouse xxx

Lillie said...

Happy Easter! Cute chick. Cute design and a lovely backing fabric.

The food look yummy :D

Lillie said...

Need to add, lovely pics.

♥ Nia said...

Annette made the cutest little chicks! Adorable :D
Your gift is lovely as well :)

Happy Easter :)

::: (\_(\
.*: (=' :')
•.. (,('')('')

Sheilasembroidery said...

Fantastic pictures love that finish. happy Easter to you and yours

Rena said...

Mylene ,
wish you a very happy and blessed Easter


Christine said...

Happy Easter to you too Mylene
Beautiful pinkeep, and your crocheted chick is adorable

Lesleyanne said...

Happy Easter to you and your family. Lovely gifts sent and received.

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Mylene
It's more like summer here too. I think we brought it back from Florida with us! Love the new pictures of you.
The crocheted chick is adorable. Your spring finsihes are so pretty.
Best Wishes

Edit said...

Happy Easter to you Mylene!

I love the crocheted little cutie that you have received :) As I cannot crochet I always admire these pieces.

Also love the present you sent, the fabric is really great and the stitching is lovely.

We are also having fine weather during these days, hope it stayes for a while. I prefer this kind of weather not the summer heat.

So delicious things you made for your SIL. I feel like tasting them all right now :)

Best wishes,

Katri said...

Happy Easter to you, Mylene, and your family, too! We are experiencing very warm weather here in Finland as well, it's so lovely!

What a cute crocheted chick you received, and your pinkeep is also very cute! And the flatfold in the previous post, gorgeous!

Brigitte said...

What a lovely pinkeep you made. I love Mausimom's freebies.
A happy Easter weekend to you, too.

Anonymous said...

The spring piece you sent to Annette is adorable!

Happy Easter!

Suzanne said...

A happy Easter to you and your family!

I love the pinkeep you stitched. The snacks look very tasty.

Doris said...

Happy easter to you to mylene!!

Julie said...

Cute little crochet chick.

I love your Spring finish and the backing fabric is stunning

Kay said...

Such a beautiful finish as always! Happy Easter, I hope you had a good day with your family.