Sunday, March 24, 2013

@ Friendly Stitcher's exchange

These had been sent and received for quite a while now
but haven't had the time to update or post on here.
Had chosen a LHN design and finished it off
into a mattress pincushion. Glad to hear Chris like it.
((You can click on all pics to enlarge))

                                        Here is what i received back from Chris. I so love what
she've chosen and very neatly finished.

As usual too busy socially and some i haven't have pictures
taken from gatherings we've been too. 
Chris band had performed a couple of weeks ago
at one of the event which mainly for adults but
they try to invite young ones too and let them 
performed earlier for the youth. Do hope the video
works (below the picture).

Hubby was sick when i attended one of the birthday
parties so he wasn't able to joined us. He had a nasty
flu that lasted more than a week so he had missed
out on a few occasions even the performance
of the kids above he wasn't able to go and watch.

By the way, about Grace with her test for the Pilot study,
she didn't make it at the last test. Now, she'll have to
re-organize what she'll going to follow after this school
year. Quite a difficult decision for her...anyway, exams
ahead for them so they'll have to concentrate on that first.

Many many thanks for visiting and all the kind comments. I really appreciate them all.


Kay said...

Beautiful stitching. I always like to see what others have done for inspiration.

Berly said...

Mylene, your stitching is beautiful, as always!

Annie said...

Love your mattress pincushions. Always so beautiful.

Hope Grace isn't too upset. I'm sure she'll find something else to pursue that she will love.

Annette said...

What a wonderfull piece you made!
I really really need to try a matress one day.. yours are always so beautifull.
You got a lovely gift back also!!

You are a busy busy busy girl =)))
Enjoy all the zocial things.. its fun.
Hope hubby is all better
Poor DD.. hoe terrible she didn't make it!!
Can't she do a re-try??
On what she failed?

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for Grace. I'm sure she is disappointed, but I'm also sure something good is in her future.

Cute stitching, as always.

Hope hubby is feeling better soon.

Minet said...

Your stitching looks lovely as Always. I like the finishing into a mattress.

Lesleyanne said...

Beautiful stitching and great pictures.

Christine said...

Two great exchange gifts there Mylene.
I enjoyed seeing your son's band

Carol said...

Beautiful exchange gifts, Mylene! I love that mattress pincushion you made for Chris!

I know things will fall into place for your daughter and her future plans--wishing her the best of luck!

Julie said...

It was lovely to watch and listen to Chris's band playing, thank you.

Your little mattress finish is beautiful, a lovely gift Chris sent to you too.

Lizette Morales said...

thank you for taking the on leaving me a comment it so nice of you!!!! Well all your stitching looks so pretty!!!! I hope your husband get well soon!!!! That's sad your daughter did not make but something better will come up her in the future!!!

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Lovely finish!

Kryx said...

I really love your pincushions. Nice exchange. :)

MaryT said...

Really love your stitching as always:)
Mary Louise

Angela P said...

I love your mattress pincushion finish! Wonderful pics, sounds like you have been busy.

♥ Nia said...

Lovely exchange :)

Meari said...

Cute finishes!

Sharon said...

I loved the finishes! You have to teach me (Friendly Stitchers group!)

I'm sorry she failed the test and hope there is another alternative.

The band was good thanks for sharing.

Denise SA said...

Loved the finishes must try a mattress pincushion soon

Michelle said...

Beautiful exchange gifts!

Sally said...

Beautiful exchange finishes.

Sandra said...

Very sweet pincushions!

Kay said...

Your stitching is beautiful as always!