Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Another Christmas ornament exchange...

Probably the last for a while as i want to... if i can and have enough time to stitch a few ornaments to send out to friends for the holidays. Sorry for the first picture below, it's blurred but that was the only picture i took before sending the piece.
Here's what i received back from Melissa. Lovely and so neatly finished! 
Visited friends at the mainland last weekend and they have a few of these cuddly Rabbits. I was at first hesitant to hold as i thought they're like cats and get scratch but she's quite good to stranger. Isn't she cute!!!
I've been cutting recipes from magazines but not really trying them unless when i am having a party. Or since it is foreign the kids might not like it but i'll never know if i will not prepare and let them taste it. Been off the last days so here's the first...Tacos last Monday, just a simple one though quite some veggies in it. They've love it especially Chris!!
This one yesterday, Korean spicy chicken wings with garlic soy sauce. Grace boyfriend was here too for dinner and he loves it too...Chris finds it a bit hot...but i like it. 
Might try a couple again next week when hubby is home. He is expected to come home on Monday being away for more than two months.

 Thanks a lot for stopping by...hope you are all having a good week.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh ....that is a LOT of rabbit. Looks like he (she?) was really cuddly and soft.

Annie said...

Cute exchange pieces. You always do such lovely work.

That rabbit is quite a handful! Wasn't he heavy?

Everybody loves tacos! Not much risk there. Spicy, of course, may not be to everyone's taste. But it's good to experiment.

Christine said...

Both ornaments are lovely.
That rabbit is enormous!

Julie said...

Lovely ornaments and finished so beautifully.
WOW .... that's a big rabbit

Jane said...

Lovely christmas exchanges, I love both of those designs.
Awww! cute bunny, twice the size of my two rascals but whatever the size they are, they always have lovely temperaments!
Your cooking creations look lovely, I'd be happy with any of those dishes xxx

Lavendelhaus said...

Hallo Mylene,
du hast ja wieder ganz tolle Bilder gestickt. Du hast einen tolle Geschmack was die Auswahl deiner Motive angeht. Die mag ich auch so gern.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Great exchanges, Mylene! I love that rabbit you're holding, it's huge!!! Good for you for trying some new recipes. The Korean spicy chicken looks awesome!

Sally said...

Very pretty exchanges.

Wow that is one big rabbit!

Kay said...

Cute finishes! Very cuddly rabbit you are holding! Hope you get the time to stitch some for family and friends!

Brigitte said...

You were in some great exchanges lately and have received some nice exchange gifts. And the ones that you sent to your exchange partners were really exquisite.
I also collect new recipes that I see here and there but then I never try them. I love reading them but I don't like cooking them, lol. Maybe I should start one day ...

♥ Nia said...

OH MY! That rabbit is sooooooooo big!!! :D They are sweeter than cats! heheheeh