Thursday, November 21, 2013

I'm loving...

...stitching this design. But part 3 have to wait, gonna be busy again the coming days.
Haven't done any christmas stitching yet...
The band where our son Chris was on the front page of the Local Newspaper last week. Was because they had three different performance last weekend. And another one this coming weekend.
Earlier this week, we took my employer's dog for a walk...this time with Kees on the picture. He's home hopefully till after New Year as he'd been away for 10 weeks with his last job. Unfortunately, he's on and off to the hospital for his back and bladder research.

Many many thanks for your continued visits and for taking the time to leave me a comment. I truly appreciate them all.


Annie said...

Love that sampler. Looks so pretty. I'm thinking of doing it too, but my to-do list is long enough already!

Yea for Chris. Fun to get your picture in the paper.

Dee said...

Wise words on your stitched piece.

Congratulations to Chris. I'm sure he is having fun.

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely stitching. Congrats to your son.

Christine said...

Your sampler is lovely.
Congratulations to your son

Michelle said...

Great progress on a lovely sampler! Congratulations to your son.

Ellen said...

I love this SAL too, your progress is beautiful!

Congrats to your son!


Amarins said...

Deze wordt zo mooi, prachtig. Gefeliciteerd voor je zoon!
Groetjes, Amarins

Barb said...

Hi Mylene. How nice to see you taking another dog for a walk , I miss your walks with Max. The sampler is lovely I am stitching along too. Hope your son continues to do well and you don't have to work too hard.
Take care

Annette said...

Your piece is so beautifull .. enjoy stitching it and other pieces!!
You must me so proud of your boy!!
How great he is so long at home.. that's very long!!
I hope all will be good in de hospital.
Take care sweetie

Carol said...

Sounds like your son's band must be very good, Mylene! My son is in a band, too--they're not the greatest, but they sure have fun :)

I can see why you are enjoying stitching that piece--it is so lovely. Have fun stitching for Christmas!

Jackie said...

Chris's band must be pretty good with all the gigs they're getting and the newspaper coverage! I know you're proud of him!

Glad to see you're stitching again!

Sally said...

You are making beautiful progress on your Jardin Prive piece. It is so pretty. I just finished part 3.

I hope everything goes well at the hospital for your DH. Congratulations to your son!

Brigitte said...

The more I see this lovely SAL piece on the blogs that more I feel tempted to start it myself But I still have other things to work on.
Congratulations to your son on being in the newspapers. They seem to have a lot of fun at their performances.
I hope your husband's health problems will soon be healed.

♥ Nia said...

Your stitching looks so pretty! It's a lovely design :)
Congrats to your son :D

Kay said...

That is great that Chris was in the paper, such an honor! Happy holidays!