Saturday, November 14, 2015

...another ornament done!

This is my first time to do this kind of finishing and all by hand as i don't have a sewing machine and can't sew. It took me the whole evening last night to finish it off. I can say, it came out alright i am just not satisfied with what i had chosen for the color fabric that i had attached. The picture isn't that too good as well, taken right after last night and had been out and about today so haven't thought to make another sets in daylight. Wanted so much to sleep in this morning but i had agreed to join friends going out to the mainland for some shopping today so ...rain and strong winds still off to the ferry and off with friends and had so much fun together. Probably because one of the the ladies is going home in a couple of days and will be back in Spring and sure we'll miss her company and especially that she's a very good cook... Back home at mid-afternoon as i need to do some grocery shopping cause we are all home including our eldest coming home from the university...she doesn't home come often as she has work during weekends in the city. But this weekend she's home and one of her friends come over for dinner too. While i was preparing for the stuffed Zucchini, father and son preparing for the Pizza. Both came out good and yummy so we had eaten lots and lots. I mentioned on my last post about Taebo...i did tried the last couple of nights and whew quite a heavy to follow but i made it. Had sure feeling sore the next day and still so i opted for a short work out of Pilates this evening. Thanks to all who stop by and left me comments. Really appreciate them. Happy weekend to all!


Barb said...

Really cute piece. Great job on it.

Jackie said...

Beautiful finish! I like the fabric too.

I love zucchini! What did you stuff it with? It looks like meat.

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

I think your finish looks beautiful, Mylene and I also think the fabric is lovely!

Christine said...

Your ornament finish is gorgeous Mylene

Julie said...

Ŵonderful finish, nice design.

Christine said...

I love the fabrics and the finishing on the pillow ~ great job!

Annette said...

yum yum yummy!!
Your cooking skills are so awesome!!
your pillow is so great, it will be a lovely Xmas at your home

Lillie said...

Beautiful header and your are looking great !
Look like you had fun with the girls out on your shopping. The food looked yummy.

Beautiful stitching and finishing as always. Thank you for visiting me, your visit made me smile.

Brigitte said...

A wonderful finish, Mylene, and I must say that I love both fabrics you used for it.
Great meals that you were preparing with and for your family and frineds. I still remember the cakes that you made a couple of years ago and showed here. You must be an awesome cook!