Thursday, November 12, 2015

Getting back into blogland!

Hello's been more than 2 months since i last posted. I can hardly believe it, days are passing so quickly. Honestly though, i am more updated at facebook and quicker to post news out there than here on my blog but those were mainly not crafted ones. More on daily routines, activities, social gatherings and it's for my family and friends around the world so they have an idea what or how we are over here. Lately, going through my stitching things and wanted to get back to do some finishing...and here is one of them, design from Little House Needleworks into a flat ornament. Also finish this design from JCS 2015. Thinking of finishing into a small pillow, hopefully will not take long before i'll post a next update... Taken last week during our walk at the woods. Love the fall colours all around...though with the strong winds we are having lately, no chance for the leaves to change colour and they are all on the ground. One of my favorite, catching up with friends over lots of different dishes at lunch... and so i have to do one kind of exercise daily, either zumba, Pilates and just the other day i found out about Taebo through youtube...gonna try that one too! Hope everyone's having a good week!


Brigitte said...

So great to see a new post from you, Mylene. I have already missed your lovely stitching and finishing. And here it comes, another new finished piece. It looks gorgeous. And the little bird wearing a Santa hat is so sweet. Looking forward to seeing him finished. Have a great time.

hookedonstitches said...

Lovely finish!

Julie said...

Super finish. A lovely header pic of you Mylene.

Carol said...

How nice to see you back again, Mylene! Your finish is darling and I love the crow in the Santa hat... Looks like you're having some good times with your friends and all the exercise programs :) Enjoy your weekend!

Annette said...

Live is to busy, I have the same problem.
I told negin this year when Kira went to school too, Ow Now I will have more time for me??????? but where is that time, I wor more, help more at school, sport more.. and crafting lesser and lesser