Sunday, December 11, 2005

Christmas Tree is up!!!

Finally put up the christmas tree yesterday afternoon. It took us longer than we had expected, thought we still have the lights from previous years but i can't find it, so we went to town to buy one, came back home to put it around it wasn't the right one for this big tree so DH went back to exchange it. Now, is quite done with some of the ornaments i just completed recently and one received from an exchange, oh a few were from last year.
Next will be the christmas cards, i still don't know how or where to put them as i want to display my birthday cards which i have receive lots already. I had started opening a few this afternoon, i think i am not going to wait till my birthday on the 24th(Dec.), i won't have time then for opening them as we expect family and friends dropping by. And the next day we are going to spend x'mas at the mainland to one of our friends place.
Today, we have the two children of Kees sister, there parents went to see 'Mama Mia'
which was at the mainland. After lunch, we took them for a walk at the small forest here, wow! it was cold! But was good to be out for a couple of hours.


Dawn said...

Your tree is very pretty! :)

Karen said...

Hi Mylene!!
Nice tree, I have not got mine done yet, but want to get it done over the next day or so.