Monday, December 26, 2005

WHEW! What a busy days..!!

I wasn't able to get online after my short message the morning of my birthday.
It just that, it has been very busy on my birthday. Lots of family and friends drop by. The last visitors went home at around three in the morning. Seems everyone enjoys chatting and all!! After they left, we had washed and cleaned up a bit. Around 4AM when we finally went to bed. Still a few gifts that i didn't opened but it were mostly gift coupon. Absolutely no stash!! I mean from family and friends, but did received some from the yahoo exchanges group!! The next morning get up at 10 AM and packed, really rushing to catch the ferry at 12 that afternoon. We went to one of our friends at the mainland and spent x'mas with them. She's very good at cooking!!! Really prepared lots for dinner. The first starter was with shrimps, followed by mushroom ragout and then the 'turkey' with cranberry that was delicious. She has prepared three different desserts too, the first was creme caramel, stewed peer with ice cream and then 'Tiramiso'(can't find the word in english at the moment) but that last one we didn't taste it anymore we really had enough.Too much actually!! I am pretty tired from prvious days so i went in before midnight.
We got up at 9, freshen up and had breakfast. The children likes staying there too and doesn't want to leave but we are expected at my sister-in-law's place at around 12PM with the rest of Kees family. We nearly missed the ferry as they are a bit difficult and doesn't want to cooperate. We are on time and not the last one to arrive. Actually kees have a small family so it wasn't that busy.
After a couple of hours Grace has to leave for the church to prepare for the x'mas activity/play and we followed after half an hour to watch their play.

Finally comes home at around 4PM, took out the bagage and tidied up a bit, after an hour i left for work and now just came home. WHEW! What a busy days.

Now i am off to try and catch up on a few message board...


Nann said...

Tiramiso - GUESSS WHAT, that is the English word. We use that word for this special dessert. Thought I would share that with you.

Lelia said...

Mylene: Whew is right, you did have some festive days!! Lots of good times ... thanks for sharing.

Happy Belated Birthday ... fun to celebrate your birthday around the holidsys. You get to see everybody : )

Dawn said...

Happy New Year to you and your family!!