Saturday, June 24, 2006

Just came home from work and it wasn't that busy as they had expected. It was WK voetball on TV, Germany versus Zweden. Ussually we have lots of Germans for dinner but tonight were only a couple of ladies, i think their husbands stayed behind in hotels/bungalow watching the game.

We came home quite late last night so i wasn't able to post the cards, here they are. We kind of hurry this morning as, Grace had to go to her 'swimming club', glad we don't have to bring her as it was good weather so she went with the bike together with her friend. It takes about 15 minutes with the bike and we allow her to go as long as she's going with somebody but not alone.
After she left we went to town for some items. Got back around 11AM and went to the neighbour's birthday. Mid afternoon brought the kids to the Gym, the last day for this school year, so they had a bit of a party organized for them.

WE'll be leaving tomorrow morning to the mainland for the funfair and visiting friends, just heard though that weather forecast tomorrow is not that good so we don't know if we are able to go to the fun fair.

Thanks so much to everyone who visits and dropped comments on my blog. I really appreciate them so much. I am way behind though in reading some of the blogs, so please do forgive me.

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