Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I feel really tired!!!!!!!!!!!

What a day or rather evening at work. It was impossibly busy, we are really wondering where does all the people comes from. Yersterday evening when it was busy we thought it was because of the weather, it was all day rain, but today it was dry so we expected some are mostly outside for walking, cycling and at snack bars..... oh well the temperature is quite cold, so most ended at inside restuarant.
I can say my legs are really in pain!!! I am glad tomorrow i am free, but we are going to the mainland for something.

I stitched on Winnie The Pooh this morning, as Kees drove his brother-in-law to the mainland (AMC hospital), as he'll be operated with one of his leg tomorrow. Brother-in-law's wife can't take a day-off but i think she'll go and visit him tomorrow after his operation


Kim said...

Your winnie the pooh is looking great!

Von said...

Hope you got some rest and are ready for the day, Mylene! Prayers for your bil surgery to go well. :)