Friday, June 23, 2006

Pincushion from Namuella!!!!

A small package was dropped here this morning, we were quite surprise the postman came very early as ussually it comes in the afternoon and he did too. So we thought the parcel was sent or dropped at one of the neighbours yesterday and they just bring to our door this morning. My exchange partner was
Namuella and this is what she made. Thanks so much, Namuella. Your work is so neat and pretty.

Hope to post more tonight as i have a couple of cards more to show but i need to go out now for groceries and look for presents for a birthday late this afternoon.
Also for a neighbour's birthday tomorrow morning, it will be a busy weekend as i have to work extra tomorrow evening. And coming sunday we are going to the mainland to visit friends and to the fun fair which is at their place this week.

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