Sunday, July 16, 2006

...& another summer exchange + Christine's rr

Here's another summer exchange completed. This is from the yahoo group locally. I made this pincushion and card for my partner(Greet) and included a few DMC threads. Just seen a note that she've received it and happy with what she got. It was actually a kind of surprise as we don't know who's gonna send to us.

This was what i received in exchange from Judith H. A lovely bookmark and card plus a couple of DMC.

Here's a pic of Christine's rr that i finished this week. I just hope Christine would like the colour i had chosen for it.


Christine Doyle said...

ooo! Fantastic, Mylene! I love it!

Stitch or no stitch said...

Lovely finishes Mylene and such a pretty personalization of Greet's pincushion.

Love your RR heart - it's so light and delicate looking. Is everyone stitching the same heart in a different color?

R saw on the internet today that the 4-daagse has been stopped due to the hot weather. What a shame for all those people for whom this is the event of the year.

Are you keeping cool at the seaside?


Susimac said...

Oh lovely exchanges. Love ALPC Summer heart done as a single colour it looks so lovely.