Friday, July 28, 2006

.........still sooooooooo busy here one after the other sleep over of friends of the kids and BBQ's here and there. Twice here this week and third tomorrow with my sister-in-law and her family. Supposed to be today but this morning was very cloudy and they had expected some thunderstorm late in the afternoon but it that didn't came we were or went to the beach instead. The first time i took my stitching this summer, i have too otherwise nothing will really be done or started. While DH's busy with the kids i've really spent a couple of hours stitching. These are small pieces which i hope to finished it into cards or other items for birthdays. Might take a pic tomorrow if i get the chance otherwise next week.

Received a wondeful summer exchange this week from
Thank you so much, Su for this beautiful piece and all the other items enclosed.

It's nearly 1am so better turn in. I am so sorry, but i haven't been visiting blogs lately. I rally hope to catch up some other time.

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Isabelle said...

At least, it sounds like you're having lots of fun! Isn't it what matters?
I saw Su's Summer Exchange on her blog and it is awesome. She always does such wonderful stitching!

Enjoy the summer Mylene :) Blogs can wait sometimes ;)