Sunday, July 23, 2006

Another week past and nothing much done with stitching, i really needed to finish one of the rr, this one locally as it's due date for the next sending is the first of August. It was just too busy with other activities, the kids specially. Now they are on vacation for six weeks! The weather has been very warm too so we went to the beach a few times. Might be going there a lot if the weather stays warm, that is when i am free otherwise DH will take them.

Yesterday, we were invited for a BBQ by friends, whad just placed some food on the grill when it started raining. They were not prepared for it so we indeed up eating inside. After a couple of hours the rain stops and we were able to sit outside till nearly midnight.

Been to the beach today again and came home about seven pm, and an unexpected visitors came in too. Friends who've been living in Shanghai/China are on the island, they've arrived this week so they came by for a visit. It was great to catch up with them and if it's not for the kids i think we are still chatting till now.
Will be working these coming days so won't be online and NO stitching at all.


Von said...

Summer does get busy doesn't it. How lucky to have such great visits with friends, Mylene - even dealing with the rain. Gosh, I'd love to feel a little rain about now - it's been 110-113 degrees F. the last couple of days and will be more of the same for a couple more days.

Wendy said...

Its always challenging when the kids are on school vacation - but the beach sounds like an excellent place to go! I hope you don't have to work too hard and can enjoy some time at the beach yourself.