Thursday, January 04, 2007

Tea Time??

First off, thanks so much Margaret & Dawn. Everything went well with both services, we just hope dh's uncle will make it through and be home soon.

Finished this tea time for January's block at ILCS. It seems an appropriate one for this time of year, to make time visiting friends.
We are actually going to the mainland tomorrow and visit friends and stay there for the weekend. But i do hope to drop by at some friends place next week. Children will be back to school then.


anna said...

Hi Mylene, see this the lovely Hardanger piece here today, I thought you might like it!! There is also a link for the chart. Hugs! - anna

Wendy said...

Tea time is a lovely finish, Mylene. Sorry to hear about the not-so-nice start to the New Year.

Dawn said...

Tea time looks great! Great job.

Barbara said...

A very pretty finish. I hope you've enjoyed your time on the mainland. :)