Saturday, December 15, 2007

Quilt spannen?? & cards

You might be wondering what that means but i am not sure how can i translate that in english, quilt stretching?? I tried to find a quilting term for it and i am not sure if it is the Batting word...
Anyway, a week ago i heard that my group( for the sampler we had taken before) were coming together last thursday evening for stretching their sampler. I haven't seen the others since summer, just too busy to join them in other course they had taken after the sampler. Actually the evening(tuesdays) they meet up were my work day so it is not really appropriate for me.
When i heard about the meet up i said to join and take my sampler with me as it has done quite a while back but didn't make any appointments for stretching and now is my chance to join them as it needed more people to assemble the pieces.
The stretching, were the bottom fabric, the fiber fill in middle and the on top the finished sampler and then we had used a tacking gun to inserts a plastic piece into the quilt to hold all three layers together.
Enclosed were the pictures of the three samplers that were done that evening, mine is the blue one. We are six in all in the group, two were already done with the stretching and one wasn't done yet with her sampler, i don't even know if she's finish with all the blocks she needed.
These three are now ready for quilting but we need to get back probably later next month to ask advice on how or where to start.

These cards were done last month and most were already received so i can show a pic.

More pictures will be coming soon as there are quite some packages came in yesterday and today. Dawn, i think yours came in today as well as one from Jayne's attic and one from Belgium. Haven't had the time to open them yet.
Yesterday afternoon, we've been to watch the show of her Grace with her 'street dance', was actually unexpected as we thought it will be next week. And this morning all in a hurry for Chris football as we had to drive early than usual, leaving here after eight AM and arriving at the place, the building wasn't even opened for the kids to change so they had to do it outside and it's about 2 degrees celcius. For us parents watching them is too cold and it was about an hour. Well, back home midday after a detour to get some groceries i had a splitting headache. After lunch i went to bed and slept for an hour and had to get up as I had promised to take Grace to go shopping for shoes in this afternoon. Glad when i woke up i felt better, i think it was from staying outside with this cold weather.


Barbara said...

What beautiful quilts!!!!! I really love your blue one. You are just so very talented (stitching, card making, quilting).
Barb in TX

Doris said...

i like the quilts,,but i can´t do it,,for me are so complex, but they look beautiful,

tonight we have (madrid)8 degrees under cero (celsius),is very cold, and of course,everybody is ill with flu.

i wish you and your kids are ok, take care.

Dawn said...

The quilts are gorgeous!! Glad the package arrived safely:) Enjoy!

Meari said...

All of the quilts are beautiful, Mylene. Congrats on all your card finishes. Well done!

glenda said...

your quilts are lovely!

Shari said...

wow!!! You sure stay BUSY!!! Everything looks wonderful! Can't wait to see the quilts finished!

wanda said...

Great job on your quilt it will surely be lovely! Super finishes on your cards you stay so busy!

tkdchick said...

What beautiful quilts! I would call what you were doing basting. Getting ready to quilt!

YOur cards are so pretty!

Greg said...

Stretching is the correct word. My grandmother was a quilter doing it all by hand so I picked up a word or two there. I love the blue quilt. Congratulations on such a beautiful job.

Karan said...

Hope you're feeling better now Mylene (((hugs))).
Such beautiful quilts & lovely cards too. :0)

Vickie said...

Your quilts are beautiful!!! I Love the cards.