Friday, September 12, 2008

It's wet & getting chilly!

After a few days nice and warm weather it turns out wet and getting cold today. Glad i did started cleaning up our garden last wednesday and bought quite lots of new plants yesterday and had ordered a few more which will arrive hopefully coming wednesday. Thought to do the mowing today but it started raining at midmorning so i started to gather some stitched finishes and materials for finishing. Yes, i am in finishing mood, just a pity most were for exchanges and the monthly finishing..... but aren't ready yet, will have to continue the finishing this weekend.

Am i glad, except football game in the morning for Chris and Grace swimming lesson(she can go alone with the bike, unless when it's too windy and wet-i have to bring them), there's no obligation like b-days or other party's. I can say, for the first time in weeks!

I am getting worried over the HoE Needleroll exchange, as i sent two weeks ago to the U.S together with a couple of pcakges and the two were already received with in a week except the needlerool. I'll give a week more i think and if i still won't hear anything i shall better start a new one.

Can't leave without a picture, here's an update of 'Pure Indulgence'. The picture is blurred, i think battery is an it's end.

And the Sun! I am still behind on two parts with this one.

Thanks so much everyone for all the nice comments over Grace, she just read them before going to bed tonight and she's quite surprise to see her picture and happy over all the comments. Chris on the other hand wasn't happy seeing/ reading the note i've written that he/they lose the game. I said, he can try his best tomorrow!

Well, hope everyone will have a good weekend!!


Julie said...

Well done Grace on winning the swimming.
Your sun looks super, i wish it would shine here in the UK.
I hope your needleroll turns up, its sad when something goes missing in the post

Barbara said...

How do you get so much done, Mylene? Please! Give me your secret!!!

Betty said...

Your sun looks fantastic!