Monday, September 01, 2008

Small Santa Exchange

Just read on Anna's blog that she received the small Santa for the Prairie Schooler Exchange. I was getting worried with this as it's in here Europe and thought it doesn't take that long. But happy to hear it has arrived safely and that you like it.

Coming home this evening is Joke's package waiting for me. It's for the Small Santa Prairie Schooler exchange. Thanks so much Joke for this pretty ornament!

Thought to post a picture of the eyelets i bought during my shopping with Grace last saturday at the mainland. Saw it unexpectedly by V&D and took 3 to the counter not knowing how much each box cost, it did took me by surprise when i heard the cost, 17 euro's(25 dollars). Quite an expensive pieces!!

More had nominated me for this award lately, Thanks so much Vicky, Lilie, and CJ. This really means a lot to me.
By the way, CJ mentioned about my adventures here in the Netherlands, i can say.... not much living in a very small island(i try to write more about the island next time), theres not much to tell/show, unless if we will visits or go to the mainland but it doesn't happened very often now because of school of the children and weekends were devoted to their respective clubs. Really a pity actually.

I am behind with my blog reading as well as the yahoo groups i am in, i do hope to catch up later this week. For now i am off to bed.....
Hope everyone will have a good week.


anna said...

Thank you so much, Mylene!! I just love this ornament... :)

Annie said...

I love Prairie Schooler Designs. Great exchange pieces. And that's a nice set of eyelets, but what a price! Hope you enjoy them.

Julie said...

Lovely Santa exchange, well done to you both

Lelia said...

OH, delightful exchanges -- so festive : )

ow bin ya said...

Love the exchanges, both sent and received :)

Ruth said...

I love the ornie you did and the one you received -- a nice exchange in all directions. :)

Debra said...

Mylene, great finish and Joke's stitching is very nice.
Debra in Indiana

Anonymous said...

I love P.S. and I love Santas too!
Annalisa from Italy

Barbara said...

Nice exchange pieces, Mylene. The eyelets are lovely, but oh, what an expensive price. Amazing how expensive everything is, but just gotta have all our stash. LOL
Barb in TX

Karan said...

Lovely Santa exchange pieces sent & received. :0)

Sally said...


Your work is lovely. I especially love the scissor fobs.