Monday, September 08, 2008

...was a busy weekend...

....started Friday, i had an appointment in the morning for an hour for 'face treatment' but it took almost the whole morning as we've been talking a lot. After that had to hurry home for Chris coming home from school for lunch. When he left for school after lunch, i had to drive to town for a bunch of flowers and then headed to a birthday party. I stayed only for an hour, as it's Grace swimming camping weekend and we have to put up a tent for them. The girls form a group of four together and luckily one of the parents of the girls have a big tent where they can stay or used. Okey, arriving at the camping area, it was raining but we have to put up the tent and what a coincidence all 4 mothers and no fathers to help. It did took us quite long to figure out how put up the tent, pity i didn't took any picture!

Saturday morning came, i had to dropped Chris before 9am by friends to take him for his football competition at 10am. And then i head off to have a look at Grace for their swimming competition which started at 9am. I only saw a couple of the competition and then head off to another village as i want to see atleast half of Chris competition too.

Grace is on the third row from left.

She did win all four of the competition she was in.
While Chris, haven't had much luck...they didn't win the game!!
Anyway, after the game we headed straight to a birthday party and came home at around 2pm. At 5pm, me and Chris went to another birthday party as well as 20th wedding anniversary of one of our friends. Stayed there till 11 pm, we were actually the first to leave as Chris got bored and wanted to go home.

Sunday came, much as i wanted to sleep in Chris got up early and wants to join his niece to go to church with Grandma, so he was expected to be picked up a 9:30am. Grandma came and she said she will bring the kids to church but will not attend the service herself as she isn't feeling well. SIL picked up the kids after an hour and both had fun at the sunday school. We then go for a cup of coffee at MIL's place and then i've brought Chris back home, he has to stay alone at home as i had to go to the camping area of Grace to help out break the tent and to all their things back home.
I was really tired last night, so went in quite early as i have to work today. Still busy at work, thought vacation's over(school i mean) but we get now mostly older people or couples with very young children.

No recent finishes to show as i didn't do much stitching the last days. But thought to show a picture of my little biscornu collections that i've worked on and off but i think i will send a few to friends.

This is my update so far with the sun. I still behind on this with the group, i think one part but it will not be send to me unless i am done with the last one sent last month.

Thank you all so much ho stopped by and especially to those who takes the time to leave me a comment. I really appreciate them all.


Meari said...

Your WIP is coming along nicely, Mylene. Congrats to Grace on her wins. :)

Debra said...

Mylene, you are a busy Mom. Congrats to Grace for all the wins sorry Chris didn't win his game. Your collection is beautiful and I love your SAL piece.
Debra in Indiana

Virpi said...

You sound really busy! Congratulations for Grace. Your stitching looks great.

Olenka's Stitches said...

That was really a busy weekend. Congratulation for Grace.You have got such a sweet biscornu collection.

Joke said...

Love your biscornu's and your WIP is gorgeous! I like the blue border :)

Lillie said...

Congrads to Grace. The Sun is stunning. Ooh!...what a collection you've me on the biscornu.

Karan said...

WTG Grace & better luck next time to Chris & the team. It's not surprising you were tired after all that running about - don't forget to take care of yourself too Mylene (((((hugs))))).
The biscornus are so cute & I love the Sun piece - it's grown lots since last time. :0)

Barbara said...

Your sun looks amazing!

Seems like life is pretty busy up north as well as down here in the randstad. I hope you have a more relaxing weekend to look forward to! ;)

Shari said...

wow, you did have a busy weekend Mylene!!! the life of a young mom!!!!
As always, your stitching looks great!!! Keep up the great work!!!

Stitchingranny said...

Wow Mylene that sun is really lovely.
I remember the days of rushing here there and everywhere to take the children, it does not seem so long ago and yet my baby is 33 now and my big boy is 36

Sally said...

Lovely WIP Mylene.

Congratulations to Garce!