Monday, April 20, 2009

shocking..! gain weight & my is empty!!

....but first the winner of my april giveaway is...VON! Please email me your address so i can send it your way. THANK YOU all so much who enetered for this month.

It's been madly busy here since i took hubby to his ship last thursday and i am alone again. Too many activities of the kids these days and do try to be there for both of them which ussually takes almost a day especially on weekends and other errands that needed to be done. I do feel very tired every evening.

Now, i do want to update my blog to discover that my document is empty! I really don't know how did that happened and dh can't help me either over the phone. So, i am afraid all the pictures are gone. I do hope dh have it though in the server or else..everything is LOST!

I did a personal exchange with Lynn and Natalija and i received the one from Lynn while Natalija received the one i made for her. I am so sorry but i can't upload pictures at the moment and the one i took for Natalija before sending it out, can't find it anymore.
I really LOVE the pieces that Lynn made for me, just beautiful and perfectly finished. Thanks so much Lynn. You can see it all on her Blog.

With Natalija we agreed on a biscornu exchange. I do like the one i made for my april giveaway so i made another one for her. Do hope you like it,Natalija..

I was quite shock to discover that i gain almost 8lbs these last weeks, thought about 4lbs but it's really more than...If hubby's home i don't have much discipline on my food and drinks and there was quite some partying lately too!
I think i really have to pick up running again, i had done it 3 years ago during summer and had quit when winter came as i hate going out in the cold.
I've agreed to join a friend tomorrow morning so we'll see how far i can. She've started it for a couple of weeks now.

Thank you all for the lovely comments over my easter pinkeeps. Hope you all are having a good week.


Annie said...

Sounds like some kind of conspiracy! Weight gain and empty doc at that same time? No fair.

Hope you can get your site in order soon. And since it's spring, you'll be able to spend more time outdoors and just watch those extra pounds melt away!

Maggie said...

I'm sure when the warmer weather is here you will loose the extra lbs. Sorry you are having computer problems, i hope you will be able to find your photos.
Look forward to seeing your exchanges when you get sorted.

Enjoy your day with your friend tomorrow.
Take care

Lula said...


Just wanted to say my huuby (to be) is away at the moment too


Olenka's Stitches said...

Sorry to hear about your problem. I think there can be two ways to try to recover your Documents. I will e-mail you but first could you let me know what is your OS.

Lillie said...

So sorry about your missing doc. I am sorry I can't offer you any help here, this is still an alien field to me. Enjoy your run and hope you reach your goal.
Take care!

Michelle said...

Don't worry much about your extra lbs. I saw your photo when you went go-kart-ing and you are SSSSSSEXY! ^_^ I'm sure you'll lose those with little to no efforts as busy as you are!

Sorry about your docs and I have the same prob with our old pc. We haven't really done anything about it. But we're praying that the photos are recoverable still.

Take care, Mylene.

Siobhan said...

Good luck recovering the documents, and the running!

Karan said...

Hope you can find the documents again & enjoy the running. Am sure the weight will soon drop off. :0)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mylene - I hope you find your documents and lose your gain :) I would love to be able to run but just can't. Love you blog btw :)

Christine said...

Hope your documents turn up. Good luck with the running

Suzanne said...

Sorry to hear about the weight gain. With better weather, I a,m sure you will be able to lose it quite easily.

I hope all is well for you while your husband is away.

Erica said...

Thanks so much for your comments on my rug! It is wonderful to have finished it!
I can completely commiserate with you about the weight. I think I am a fairly active person (no athlete for sure, but active)with a good diet, and I can't seem to lose any weight. I keep losing and gaining the same 1/2 pound!

Julie said...

Good luck with the running, hope your pictures can be found.

Edna Melo said...

Olá Mylene!
Sinto muito sobre os ultimos acontecimentos.
Espero que tudo se resolva em breve!

RuthB said...

Here pictures, pictures, pictures. Heeeeere pictures! I'm sure the weight is just caused by the stress of losing your pictures. :)

Doris said...

So sorry for your computer problems, i hope you will be able to find your photos.

good luck with the running.

Von said...

Woohoo! Email just sent Mylene. :)

glenda said...

Finally getting back into the swing of things ;)
So sorry to hear about your puter and the pounds!