Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I am mad and feeling depressed!

Mad at myself over the car accident and why is it so expensive to repair it. I went to two different car repair shop last week for opinion over the price, the first i went too said around 700.00 dollars and next one i didn't get the price at once but they send it after a day and imagine my surprise when i look at it and more than the double price of the first one, it is around 1600.00 dollars. I it because living here on a small island where they are the only one who could do the work. I ask hubby if we will try to have it done at the mainland. Hopefully, he'll be home next week.
Feeling depressed because of all these cost especially as the holidays coming up. Wish, i haven't given up my part-time job but with hubby's change of job being away for a few weeks, it will be very difficult for me and the kids.
And my neck/shoulder isn't better at all. Been to therapy for the second time this afternoon and she said still the same as last time so i asked if she can treat me twice a week and glad to hear she has space for an appointment for twice next week. As i heard, mostly it's ussually full that it need a few days to wait.

At least something cheer me up abit today ..., received the package from Olga, my prize for being the first to send her a picture of her latest complimentary design. The pumpkin biscornu that i posted earlier. Thank you so much, Olga. Your fob and pins are really beautiful. I soooo Love them!!

Home is where the heart is
Freebie by: Barbara Ana Designs
28ct. Lambswool Jobelan
DMC Threads

Stitched it for Karen's RR.

As always, thank you so much for all your visits and kind comments. I deeply appreciate them all. I hope you're all having a great week!


Terry said...

Hope your shoulder is feeling better soon with double the therapy. You were lucky that the accident wasn't worse especially at night. I'm glad you and the family weren't hurt. Keeping fingers crossed that the price won't be as bad for fixing it. Lots of hugs coming your way!!

~ Stitchin Sweet Sue ~ said...

Hi Mylene, this topic is one I know well~repair shops can charge whatever they want as they are not regulated. Women are often prime targets for thievery at repair shops and you'll get a different price at every shop you go to. Be diligent, do the legwork, get *several* prices and then choose a shop that offers what you feel is a fair price and one you have confidence in. Being polite and ladylike does not get you a better price, being well prepared, informed and forthright can.

Sorry to hear your shoulder is not better:(

Sweet Stitchin...

Jackie said...

Dont worry, be happy ! I m sure everything wil be just fine.

Like Sue said, ladies is on the disadvantage side when it come to car workshop. Why dont u wait till hubby is back, let him do the talking.

hope your shoulder feel better soon.

Vinniey said...

I totally agree with Sue and Jackie. Hope your shoulder get well soon and be positive, every good things will come. :) Your heart freebie pattern is so cute! {{Hugs}}

mbroider said...

Lets hope your husband finds an inexpensive way (or at least a less expensive way) for the repairs in the mainland.

I am so happy there was Olga's parcel to cheer you up!!

Take care

Angela P said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your car accident and sore shoulder. I hope everything works out soon :)

Michelle said...

Beautiful stitching! Congratulations on winning the prize from Olga - I saw your finished biscornu and it looks great.
Hopefully your husband will get a better price for the repairs.
So sorry that your shoulder is not better yet, can't they give you an injection to ease the pain.

mainely stitching said...

It is depressing to have large, unexpected expenses right around Christmas/Sinterklaas, even more so if you feel responsible. I know it's easier said than done, but just try to be glad that no one was hurt.

I bet you can find a cheaper place on the mainland. It's sad, but small, remote areas do tend to be a lot more expensive for things like that.

Christine said...

Sorry your shoulder is not better.
Try sending your husband or a male friend to get a quote, some garages will quote a higher price to a woman than to a man

Annette said...

To bad that your shoulder didn't get better, hope it will soon.
Cars nice to drive in but when they are broke.....grrrrrrr.
Lovely package you got from Olga, and love the Freebie.
Have a nice weekend!!!

Doris said...

I hope your shoulder recovery very soon, an about to the car, perhaps on land find better prices on the islands or small town (like my town) the people offer the service licke car repair,etc, are few and put the price that they want. is a sab and bad thing.

Shari said...

gentle hugs to you Mylene,
I feel so bad about the car. I hope you are able to repair it on the mainland at a much cheaper price!
Gosh, wish your shoulder was better. Take care of yourself!!!!!
Beautiful prize for your fast stitching!!!!!!
The RR piece looks great too!

too_busy_to_stitch said...

So sorry to hear this - car repairs are so expensive round here too. I hope that they manage to repair your shoulder too Mylene. Love the parcel!

Brigitte said...

So sorry to hear about all the troubel you are having with your car. I'd say go to the mainland and try it there. It can't be worse there.
I hope that your shoulder will be better soon. The constant pain is so annoying.

Annie said...

So sorry to hear you are down. Hopefully things will improve. Car repair is expensive everywhere and it's such a shame it had to come so unexpectedly. And hopefully the shoulder setback will be temporary.

Your stitching is so pretty. At least you can take comfort in that.

Sending big hugs to you!

Bev C said...

Hello Mylene,

It would be interesting to see what price your husband is quoted!!! Hopefully your shoulder improves with the extra treatment. Happy times are ahead I am sure.

Anita said...

Don't be too hard on yourself and things happened. No can get hurt in the accident, that alone is a blessing. Car repair is expensive everywhere and I just recently spent over $700 to do some maintenance stuff. Hope you feel better soon. Great stitching and what a great prize package.

Hazel said...

Oh dear sweetie, hope you can get it repaired cheaper than that and hope your shoulder starts to improve soon. x

Carol said...

Oh, Mylene, it sounds like you have hit a rough patch in life. I think that when our body aches, it makes everything else seem worse than it really is, too. I hope you can find a lower repair estimate on the mainland and that your shoulder improves very, very soon. Sending you a hug from across the ocean ((()))

Kathy said...


I am so sorry to hear about your troubles. I do hope the double doctor visit helps your shoulder. As for the car...... I'll keep my toes crossed that your DH can take care of it. Cars are such necessary evils. Makes one wish for the horse and buggy, :)

Take care.

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Mylene
Sorry to hear about your car accident. I hope you can get it fixed soon and I hope you are feeling lots better soon.
Sending much love to you today.

Edit said...

Hi Mylene! I hope your neck and shoulder will get better soon!

And also that you can solve the repair of the car on a cheaper and better way.

I have also stitched the Barbara Ana freebie not long ago, as a present to my mother. It is a lovely design, isn't it.

Best wishes,

Julie said...

{{gentle hug}} hope the 2 visits a week soon makes you pain free

Ranae said...


Debra said...

Hope you can get a better price for your car repair. Congrats on your finish it is really cute. And the gift you received is very nice. I hope that your arm gets better.

Lillie said...

I hope the pain go away soon. Take care there. Don't make yourself so hard with the car repair thing, its good to get some costing first.
Loved that Barbara Ana's design too.

Good that the lovely package brought you some cheer.

Have a good weekend.

Carin said...

Wat eeen hoop geld voor het opknappen van je auto. Hopenlijk vind je iemand die het stukken goedkoper doet.

Siobhan said...

I'm sorry things are stressful, Mylene. I agree with what people have already said--have your husband go in and find out about fixing the car. I find that going in as a female and as a foreigner are two strikes against me--they think they can take advantage of me. It's easier to let the DH take over in this case. I hope your shoulder is better soon.

Karan said...

Lots of (((((((((hugs))))))))) Mylene - hope everything is sorted out soon with the car & your neck/shoulder. Take care of yourself.
Though I do think the car mechanics are trying it on & quoting high because you're a woman.
Lovely prize & I love the RR piece. :0)

Elizabeth Braun said...

Poor you! Cars are a very mixed blessing and I can't say I miss ours too much out here!

Groetjes uit Taiwan!

Wendy said...

Hi Mylène,

So sorry to read about your car accident. I can understand how you feel. Especially when the holidays are coming up.
Last week I drove against a stone mailbox, our car is just a little bit damaged, but I was feeling very bad about it too :(
Hope your shoulder is much better soon.

You did get a nice gift from Olga. It is nice it cheered you up.

Wishing you all the best.


Margaret said...

I'm so sorry about your car accident. Hope the first repair place had the right price. What a difference.

Hope your shoulder gets better very soon.

Lovely gift from Olga and what a pretty November give-away. Too bad I'm too late to enter. Congrats to the lucky winner.

Suzanne said...

I am sorry that your neck and shoulder is still causing you problems.

I think that sometimes repair places rip women off because they assume that we don't know what they are talking about. Hope that you can resolve this without paying too much.

Lovely gift from Olga and very cute stitching for Karen's RR.

glenda said...

So very sorry to hear about your accident. Hope your neck and shoulder are better. I am so far behind on blogs...sorry for that. I was sick for about a month :(
take care