Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Peace Inside, flowers and wayyyy behind....

Peace Inside
Midsummer Night Design
28ct linen(sorry, don't know what kind)
Sampler threads

I so wanted to finish this one so it can be packed, i've worked on it everytime i get the chance even if it was bit by bit. With all the rushing, i can see on the picture right now that i miss one stitch.....can anyone see it...? I think it is too obvious for everyone to notice. (( all pictures can be enlarge if you want))

I've taken these two height chart down to wash before packing in and thought to take picture of them. Since my old album were deleted i think i'll try and take pictures of the older pieces before packing and putting them aside.

As of yeterday, here's how my flowers at the side and back of our house. Still haven't bought new ones, no time! And even no time to really sit outside and enjoy them but do have to water them almost everyday as it's been sunny and quite warm the last days except today-cloudy and a bit windy.

I am wayyyyyyyyyy behind on my blog reading! Been out most days, attending parties and other activities. I've picked up hubby last monday and he will be home for 2 weeks only for this time. Now, it is way tooooooooo warm to continue with packing and we are having issues with the renovation-the contractors and all...way toooo expensive it seems not worth it. So we are still thinking if we will continue...we are waiting now for one contractor and then have to decide if we will push through or look for another house. We even think of going out of the island and sure we can get a good house(much, much bigger than what we have now) at the mainland but the kids really doesn't want to leave and us as well, so we have to pay the prize for staying here.

My MIL is still in the hospital, i know i didn't mentioned it here on my last post but to a couple of the yahoo groups. She had knee surgery last week(monday) and suppose to be home by friday last week but the doctor found out a problem with her lung so they keep her their and suppose to be out today but heard from DH's sister who visited her late this afternoon that she have to stay longer. The knee surgery went fine and recovering well but still her lung issues aren't fine. So, we do keep turns to go and visit her.

I will try to catch up on everyone's blog though it takes a while.... Enjoy the summer everyone and Thank you all for visiting here and all the lovely comments. I really appreciate them all.


Patty C. said...

Good Luck with the house - All will work out in the end.

Flower pictures are gorgeous - thanks for sharing

Annette said...

Lovely piece you stitched.. And low the grow pieces from your children... Ow your flowers are so beautifull I so love 'Pioenrozen', I bought them voor in a 'vaas' on the kitchentable.

Annie said...

Love your new sampler. The growth charts are just gorgeous -- a lot of loving stitches went into those.

Hope your get the renovation issues under control soon.

Kay said...

I do love the sampler, not to much left to do on that before it is done. You have been on the go so much lately, hopefully things settle down soon.

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Mylene! LOVE your Midsummer Night cross stitch project! It came out beautiful!! Wishing the best and saying a prayer for your MIL. ~tina

Ellen said...

Gorgeous finish! Love the two height charts too! Thanks for sharing all those lovely flowers.

Wish you MIL a speedy recovery.


Lisa S said...

Your sampler is gorgeous Mylene! Honestly I can't see where you are off a stitch. Personally I'd leave it and no one would know unless you pointed it out to them.

Love the growth charts and your lovely flowers :)

So sorry your having contractor issues. That pretty much seems the norm everywhere. Too bad your so far away as my DH did that kind of work for 25 years. I am sure it will all work out eventually.

I hope all goes well for your MIL and she comes home very soon.


Lisa V said...

LOVE your beautiful finish Mylene!

Terry said...

Finish is lovely! Hope things settle down with the construction on the house. So very frustrating!

Hope your MIL's lung clears up so she can go home to recuperate from her surgery. Nothing like being at home to make one feel better.

Take time for some restful time for you so you don't get burnt out on all the packing and running around.

Deb said...

I love your stitched piece Mylene. Glad that you got it finished to pack up. I looked but can't find a stitch missing! Your flowers look so lovely - just beautiful.

I hope that you MIL is better soon!

Jackie said...

I sure hope your MIL recovers quickly and can come home soon.

I love the butterflies in your stitching project. I can't see a missed stitch anywhere. Funny how sometimes we see things in our own pictures that we don't otherwise notice. That happens to me frequently.

What kind of flower is that in the bottom picture? I love it!

Anonymous said...

I can't see the missed stitch either. I think it's not so glaring as you think.

Beautiful flowers.

Jackie said...

It always feel good in seeing those lovely blooming flower, making me forget about the warm humid weather here.

Nice stitchings :)

Hope a speedy recovery for your MIL. Take care.

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Beautiful finish, Mylene! It'll be a wonderful addition to your new home. Your growth charts are darling and your flowers are gorgeous.
Sorry the building is not going as well as you'd like but hopefully, that'll work out.
Sending good wishes to your MIL.

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Mylene
Loved seeing your beautiful new finish and pretty flowers.
Sorry to hear that your house may not be going ahead. I hope and pray that you find a solution soon. I hope that your MIL is ok. Please keep us posted.
Thinking of you.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

...and I wish for you peace inside. Love the colors of this project, and the growth charts are pretty, too. Lovely flowers! Take care!

Erna said...

Hi Mylene your sampler finish is great as are your flowers.
Hope your MIL will recover soon.Take care and good luck with all the housing problems

Katri said...

What a lovely finish!

I hope you start getting good news soon about MIL and your house, too!

Christine said...

Gorgeous sampler Mylene, I can't see where the missing stitch is (or rather, where it isn't)
Hope everything works out with the house soon

Michelle said...

Beautiful finish! Good luck with the house problems.
Sorry to hear about your MIL - hope she gets well soon.

Wendy said...

so sorry to hear about your troubles.
it does always seems as if everything comes at once.
when it rains, it pours !
hope you mother in law will be feeling better soon, and as for your construction / moving problems; it may not seem like it now, but it will all be ok, in the end.
you will find the best solution, these things just take time !

Karan said...

Hope everything with the house works out fine Mylene. Also hope that your MIL is soon feeling much better too.
Love the finish - can't see the missing stitch.Lovely height charts & all of your flowers are beautiful. :0)

Edit said...

Your new finish is so beautiful! I hope at the end everything turns out well with the house, whatever will be the decision.

One thing it sure, it is a god opportunity that you can take photos of the stitches that you have done some time ago. The height charts are really great, sure your kids like them a lot!

And your flowers... They are beautiful. What a pity we have not even a balcony.

Best wishes, Edit

♥ Nia said...

wow! Beautiful flowers!!! :D
I love those growth charts, specially the left one :) Really sweet!

I hope your troubles will go away and happier days will come!! :)

Bertie said...

Gorgeous welcome sampler Mylene, and your flowers look wonderful too.

Hope the housing matter will resolve itself soon, it would be a shame if you had to leave the island, it so peaceful but can understand your dilemma.

Good luck for your MIL.

Elaine said...

Love your Sampler Mylene and those flowers are gorgeous!
Good luck with the house.
Hope your MIL is better soon.

Amarins said...

Hoi Mylene, wat jammer dat het allemaal zo moeizaam verloopt met de aannemer, dat is echt balen. Je hebt prachtige foto's van de bloemen en van je borduurwerken, super leuk!

Meari said...

Congrats on your finish. The flowers are beautiful. I hope your MIL gets out of the hospital soon.

Shari said...

the finish is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot tell where you missed a stitch...nope!!!
Love the records for the kids. How neat...I wasn't stitching when my kids were little.
Your flowers are all still so pretty!!!!
SOrry about your MIL. I hope they get things figured out for her & soon.
I hope the housing situation works out for you soon too!

Sue said...

Mylene; hope the renovation goes well from here on; I know that is a large undertaking for you all.

Your sampler is so pretty!!! I love the colors. The growth charts are adorable and the flowers are stunning! I can almost smell them here in the US......LOL

Doris said...

good luck with the new home, and lovely stitching,i can find the missing, the grow charts look so cute.

Joke said...

Great sampler, Mylene, and the missing stitch makes it unique!

Carol said...

I don't see how you have any time at all to stitch with all that you have going on at your house, Mylene!! Your sampler is just lovely...Am wondering if the missing stitch is the red bird's beak? If so, that will be easy to add :)

Good luck with figuring out what to do with the renovation...

Conny said...

Lovely finish, Mylene! I love this chart very much so I have to hurry up to stitch mine now I have seen how beautiful your piece looks.

Barbara said...

I hope your MIL will be home soon.

I love this stitching finish!!

Sally said...

Love your latest finish Mylene. Those MND designs are so pretty.

I hope your MIL will be home soon.

Good luck with the renovation and deciding what to do.

Brigitte said...

What a great finish you have! Congratulations! It's a wonderful design.
Ans what beautiful flowers you have in your garden. I hope that the house issue will be solved soon.
All the best to your MIL.

Bev C said...

Hello Mylene,Love the design you have just finished. I remember taking a cross stitch to the framers and seeing the missing stitch when I picked it up. Why I never saw it before!! Hope the house issue sorts itself out and that your MIL is progressing well. Happy days.

Ingrid said...

Your sampler is gorgeous Mylene!I love it !!Also your flowers are beautiful!

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Love the stitching :) I do hope that you can sort things out - I'm sure living out on the island must be lovely for the whole family!

Margaret said...

Your sampler is so beautiful Mylene. Bet you can hardly wait to hang it up.

The kids growth charts are so nice and a wonderful memento for them forever.

Good luck with your renovations. Your flowers are so lovely.

stitcherw said...

Beautiful pieces, and the flowers are lovely too. Hope you're able to work everything out with the housing soon, that would be so stressful. I hope your mom is able to get better and her lungs clear soon as well. How frustrating to go in for the knee and have the other complications.

Sharon said...

Peace Inside looks lovely! Gorgeous flowers. I hope you MIL is well and home soon.

Vinniey said...

Hope your MIL will recover soon. Your sampler is beautiful and I can't find the missing stitch, it looks great! :) Sorry that I couldn't comment on all your posts these few weeks, I was overwhelmed with jobs and party, I was behind on blog reading and I haven't had time to read and comment too much. I hope to catch up soon. :)

Siobhan said...

Your MIL is in my prayers, Mylene! I hope she improves quickly. Your sampler is lovely. Best of luck with the house stuff. I know how hard those decisions are!

Suzanne said...

I hope your MIL recovers soon.

Beautiful finish, although I can't see the missing stitch.

I hope all goes well with your house plans, no matter what decision you make.

Julie said...

Gorgeous sampler, i cant see the missing stitch.

Hope all works out fine for your MIL and the house too.

The flowers are beautiful

Rena said...

Mylene, love your embroidery, these`re all so beautiful , I don`t see an error ...
For your MIL all the best , I wish good improvement .
Good luck with your house and enjoy the summer