Saturday, March 12, 2011

A beautiful surprise!!!

When i saw the package delivered and no return address though i know it is locally, i was quite nervous thinking had i forgotten an exchange from the dutch group to do and send out...When the package finally opened and saw the cute cute design which i had admired earlier at Annette's, blog and read the card....tears started streaming down my face. Knowing she is thinking of me and sending these beautifully finished ornament. Thank you, thank you so much, Annette. ((pics can all be enlarge))

"opkikkertje" means 'to cheer you up' in Holland. ussually people send cards with frogs on it when people need a little bit of cheering up.

Completed the seccond part of the sal Pasen 2011, also the third part but will post a pic another day.

I went to the hobby shop this week intending to buy a skein of floss DMC 420 so i can contineu working on this LHN piece but i was surprise when i saw the prize that it increase, i mean 1 floss which was 1.30 euro(1.81 U.S dollar) a piece last year, now is 1.35 euro(1.87 U.S dollar)...that was tooo much so i didn't buy any. Thought, i have other projects to work on....

An ornament completed last month. For this very small one, it took me almost a month to finish it off...haven't had the mood for stitching...

It's been sunny this week here, so i went off for a walk with my camera.
With the spring sunshine, the lambs are out...though i see these are a bit older now, saw a few this afternoon that were really young but haven't had the camera with me.

Beautiful crocuses too!!! Took these pics at the small forest nearby here.

The mortgage thing was finally signed this week. It is all in working now and hopefully everything will be covered and finalize next week. A couple of weeks more then hubby will be home...really a long period that he is away this time, six weeks!!

Thank you all so much for stopping by and all your lovely comments. I really really appreciate them all.
I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!!


Mouse said...

OOO that was a lovely surprise for you :)love the spring photos and glad thinks have been sorted with your mortgage now too :)love mouse xxx

Shari said...

your surprise in the mail is gorgeous....he is the cutest little it...
also congrats on your SAL finish!!
And oh my! Your outdoor are so much closer to spring than we are!!!!
Woohoo about the mortgage papers...glad that is finally working out for you!

Annie said...

Annette is such a sweetie. That was a really thoughtful gift.

The SAL is looking great!

Spring looks so nice in your part of the world. And with the mortgage settled and DH coming back soon, sounds like things are lookup up!

Joanita said...

Beautiful surprise!!! =)

Jackie said...

Your surprise is gorgeous and so thoughtful! I hope your husband is home soon. That will be the best thing! I'm glad to hear the mortgage "stuff" is almost over. Spring is so beautiful where you are! Here spring is marked by having pollen everywhere. It makes me sneeze but I love having my windows open and fresh air flowing through the house.

Kay said...

What a lovely and thoughtful surprise waiting for you in the mail. The ornament is so cute. That is good the mortgage is finalized finally, I know how stressful that can be. Your stitching as always is beautiful! I hope Kees is home soon, sounds like you miss him terribly.

bianca said...

Das sind ja schöne Stickereien. Der Frosch sind ja ganz besonders toll aus. Jetzt kommt langsam der Frühling.

Annette said...

Your so welcome... I'm so glad you like it

I have mailed you about the threads!!

Beautifiil pictures of your SAL and WIP.

O yes outside is so lovely too see, al the small animals and lovely flowers!!!

Katri said...

What a lovely surprise! The frog is really cute.

I will have to check out the Easter SAL, it look lovely!

Oh, those spring photos... We still have to wait, there's still too much snow for the crocuses to grow here...

Lesleyanne said...

A lovely surprise in the mail for you. I'm glad your mortgage is all sorted. Gorgeous pictures.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

What a great surprise for you, Mylene! Your stitching is lovely and thanks for sharing the beautiful spring pictures!

♥ Nia said...

Annette is a sweetheart!!! :D
Lovely gift and so funny! I bet it did cheer you up :D
Have a lovely Sunday!!

Carol said...

What a lovely surprise from dear Annette--she is such a sweetheart, isn't she?

Your SAL and your new LHN start are so pretty as is your ornament. I'm glad to hear the mortgage details are all worked out, Mylene. Hope those beautiful spring flowers help cheer you... We are still waiting for any signs of spring!

Debra said...

beautiful flowers and the frog is just too cute.

Edit said...

What a cute cheer up present you received Mylene :)

Threads are expensive here, too. ! euro in the cheapest place, but can cost anything between 1.10 and 1.45 Euro. I also think twice before buying.

I love you spring photos! We had bad weather and rain lately, hopefully next week the sun will shine and I can also go for a long walk along the river.

Have a nice Sunday afternoon!

Siobhan said...

What wonderful pictures! Great surprise from Annette, too. I'm sure it brightened your day.

A skein of DMC cotton floss is a 1.30 euro here. I heard that cotton went up in price last year and so DMC is raising their prices. :P

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful gift Mylene, its very cute! I have a spare skein of 420 I can send you. If you need it, drop me an email.

Lynette said...

That's such a cute ornament Myelene and your SAL is looking great! I haven't bought any DMC for a few months now so I'm sure I'm going to get a shock when I do.

The spring photos are gorgeous. It'a a beautiful day here today but still cold!!

Angela P said...

What a wonderful surprise to get in the mail, it's very cute :)

I can also send you some DMC floss, we can get it here in Canada for 50 cents each and postage would be very little too, just send me an email :) I am happy to help you out!

The spring photos make me jealous, it's still winter here and I can hardly wait for Spring to arrive :)

mainely stitching said...

Spring is so far advanced there!! Here, the snow is just melting enough that we can see the ground. Those lambs are so darling - I loved seeing the spring lambs when we lived in Gouda.

Your opkikkertje gifts are so sweet! And I love your stitching. :)

Christine said...

What a wonderful surprise!
Your spring pictures are so pretty

Lizy said...

that is such pretty frog!!!! I love frogs too.

Sandra said...

That must have been such a pleasant surprise. The frog is so cheery!

Your SAL is looking good.

Let me tell you in my country the floss used to be 1,2 BsF about a year ago, now is around 5 BsF on the cheaper stores, the regular price is 7 BsF. Now that's outrageous!

Bev C said...

Hello Mylene,

Annette's present is just beautiful. I love hearing about other coutries traditions.
Glad the sun is out,nothing like having a walk in the sunshine especially loved seeing the crocus.
Hope your family is well.
Happy days.

Manuela said...

how many lovely works!

Julie said...

A lovely gift from Annette, a nice surprise

Great pics of the spring lambs

Suzanne said...

What a lovely gift and such a nice surprise. I know how you feel about the cost of DMC thread. My LNS raised the price recently by nearly 50c.