Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Easter SAL & "playbackshow" pics of Chris.

Completed part 4 last saturday plus another scissorfob with the same design.((click on the pics to enlarge)).

Chris and his friends joined the "playbackshow" here at the village which was held earlier this month. They did a song from one of the groups here locally which was about "teenagers". They had their own interpretation of the song or how do you call it "dance moves" and did it very well. They won the "originaliteit's prize", just as last year! The same group of friends and same prize. Quite a lot of children, 15 in all in their categorie so we didn't expect they will have a prize.
Picture below was when they were practising here in the living room.

Pictures taken during the show doesn't look that good. I don't know if it is of my camera or th background.

Finally, hubby is coming home tomorrow after six weeks away this time. He just arrived in Aberdeen today! He has to bring the new ship from Italy to Aberdeen and i think it took them 12 days. I am really glad they arrived safely and will be home soon.
He will be home a couple of days and off again, to the next island as he has to follow a course for a week over there. Not happy, he has to leave again but it is needed for his job.

Thank you all for visiting and all the lovely comments. I really appreciate them all. I might not be around much these few days but hope to catch up next week.


Anonymous said...

Such pretty spring-y projects.

The kids look GREAT! Have a good time off with the DH.

Lisa V said...

Love your springy finishes Mylene.

♥ Nia said...

Lovely finishes!!
Your SAL is looking so pretty =)
Have a great day sweetie :D

Lizy said...

Thank you for your comment on my cousin finish. Your spring finishes looks so pretty I especially like the one with the frog!!!! The kids look like they are enjoying what they are doing!!!!

DUSTY said...

Mylene, I love the smalls that you made to go along with the Easter SAL. They look wonderful. The frog ornie is really cute. Who is the designer for this one ?? I would love to stitch it one day. Congratulations to your children for their win. It is nice to see creative children. Enjoy your time with your hubby home.

Edit said...

Your Easter SAL is so so pretty!

And congratulation for the kids, it looks they were having fun :)

Enjoy the time with your husband, I hope that soon he will be able to spend more time at home between two travels.

Ellen said...

Love your SAL progress! And the smalls too!


Gabriele said...

Hi, I saw it today! Wonderful finishes. the smalls look great.
Greetings from Germany, Gabi

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely progress on your SAL. I like how you stitching each one twice and making it into something. Great pictures of your son and his friends.

Christine said...

Lovely sampler and fob collection.
Chris and his friends look like they had a wonderful time.
Enjoy your weekend with your husband

Shari said...

the spring pictures are gorgeous have an eye for good shots!
Congrats to Chris & his friends!!!! Way to go!!!
woohoo on hubby coming home, but so sad he has to go again so soon....

Annette said...

What lovely Easter SAL!! Love the design and colors off the new part.
And again a ornie with beads... I costed me a whole evening to do it on the frog.
They are all hanging beautifull in your flowers.

Go Go Chris, the pics are great

D@isy said...

Very nice your embroidery.
We notice that the kids had fun, the photos are fabulous, congratulations on your award.

You have to be happy for the return of your husband.

Happy day

Lisa S said...

Your Easter SAL looks lovely Mylene!! I am caught up with mine and am awaiting the next part. This really is a fun SAL! I love the small pieces you are doing of the designs!

Looksl ike the boys had alot of fun! Congratulations to them for winning an award :)

Enjoy your time with your DH!

mainely stitching said...

Such pretty, springtime stitching! And wow, Chris is really growing up!

I hope you and your DH have a great time together!! :D

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Mylene
Your easter stitching is really pretty. I enjoyed seeing the show pictures too. It looks fun.

Erna said...

Hello Mylene , lovely Easter finishes and enjoy your days with your sweet Kees...

Evchen said...

Oh Mylene - your "extra" finishes of novalee's SAL are so charming and lovely - I always wonder how you manage all these works in that short time-period.
I simply need this time only for catching up the SAL parts.. :-)
But it's a lot of fun for me, too.

Hugs, Evchen from Germany

Sally said...

Your Spring SAL is so pretty Mylene. Lovely bright colours.

Love the pictures.

Minet said...

It looks like a great performence from the kids. I love your stitching. Have a nice weekend with your DH.

mbroider said...

Glad to see your mojo back, you seem to be in a stitching fever:)

Congrats to Chris and his friends!

Julie said...

Looks like Chris and friends had lots of fun

Beautiful sampler and smalls

Suzanne said...

Great spring stitching! The boys look like they had a lot of fun.

Siobhan said...

Great pics of the kids!

Wonderful spring-time stitching. Everything looks wonderful.

Kay said...

Your SAL you are working on is so pretty! What beautiful finishes. Thanks for sharing pics of Chris and friends, looks like it was great fun.