Saturday, August 29, 2015

"My Heartstrings design" into flatfold!

Hello everyone....been a while since my last post again. The usual reason, too busy at work and if not at work then it is at home or socially. Weather isn't that good coming days so having an extra off days. might be good for catching up on crafting i hope. Stitched this design a while back and just finish it off into a flatfold recently. Took a pic with the Dahlia's i took from my garden. My blooming Dahlia's taken earlier this week. Finally, an off day that weather's sunny so sat outside, feet up and with a cup of coffee admiring my flowers. Previous off days usually rainy and windy. Happy weekend to all!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

La-D-Da's Tiny Sampler

Hello...thought to post it tomorrow as it is now 1:30am but i'll be working and i am sure won't be online much coming days so better post it now...worked on it for a couple of evenings, especially this evening..stitched and done the finishing at once.So happy, finally have a finish after a long while! Took these pics of my flowers blooming last week after a rain shower. Honestly, didn't done much at my garden but glad still flowers blooming, had added a few here and there lately so hope will stay nice looking these summer. Unexpectedly off early at work so asked hubby that we head out for dinner as both kids are at work till late...unfortunately, the meal wasn't as good as we had expected. Happy weekend to all!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June update!

WheW! i almost can't believe it that i haven't posted for more than a month. Oh how time flies!! Let me start with my latest finishes though still needed to be finish into ornaments. Will include the designer when i'll post them completed as i have to search through the piled up unfinished projects. Did started a few more projects but not much done to show an update. Today, we've driven to the city(University,Utrecht) where our daughter's studying! We've never been there for a visit since she did manage all on her own, now it's nearly the end of the school year and she has quite some things to take home so we offer to go for a visit and take some of her things back. WOW! i love where she is boarding, high on the 14th floor of one of the Campus appartment complex, picture below. Been to the city for lunch and a bit of sight seeing. A couple of weeks ago, that was father's day...the day started rainy and strong winds but around mid- afternoon the weather cleared up so when a friend unexpectedly stopped by we went out to one of the beaches here for dinner and afterwards evening walk in the woods! Too windy to go for a walk at the beach though. The band FOOT-C had there last performance mid of June...After 4 years together and sure they had enjoyed every performance and music school where they are having there lessons are quite proud of them as they were one of the most group-of the younger groups that had performed so many times during there four years together. The two girls wouldn't want to stay or move on with the group so everyone have try..that is if they are still interested to continue playing in a group. Chris does wants too, so we hope he'll find another group to move on next school year. As with Chris and school..lots has been going on. Infact, Chris unexpectedly ended up per Ambulance to the hospital at the mainland a week ago. It was monday morning and two whole classes left for a week school outing to Belgium. He was left behind with one of the boy from the other class who wasn't allowed to join the group too. He was unexpectedly not feeling well, stomach ache, problem with breathing, and high fever...our family doctor can't find out what he has so she sent him to the hospital. Luckily, after all the test they've undergone nothing was found out. We suspect it is all due to the stressed at school. It is now summer vacation for six weeks so he'll have a break from school. Though we are still doing some follow ups to find the right person who can help him and us...more on next time. On an impulse one morning been to a bookstore and bought these books..Read three of them already and been to the library last week but really not much choices there, old issues as usual for the english category so i borrowed a couple of dutch ones instead. Wish everyone a Happy Week!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Tulips in bloom & a few new starts in cross stitching...

Hello everyone, been a while again since my last post. Quite a bit chaotic here not with work but with our second child who is having lots of troubles at school. At first we thought mainly due to his behaviour and which was started around Oct. last year, that we weren't actually on his side but his school ifever we received a note about his performance and bad behaviour at school. After half a year it is getting worst and he was exempted for school outing so we were curious and not happy at all of the news we receive from school so we went and asked other students how do they see it how the teachers gets on with the students. Anyway, it will be a long process but we have something to work from now on.. Been out a couple of time searching for Tulips fields here on the island. There's not much compare to previous year...though still the fields looks amazing. Oh yes, i did have a few starts in cross stitching and hopefully will finish them eventually. Kind of slow with stitching as i don't have much inspirations at all. A happy week to all.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Finishing mood continues...

Have lots of small pieces that were stitched a while back but just don't have the inspirations for finishing..looking through the folders and drawers that i've kept the pieces, i've picked out Spring time as it is the season now, and the christmas piece with it's soft colours. Only, i couldn't find which magazine--Just Cross Stitch Christmas ornaments-- this design were featured so i couldn't add who the designer is. It is nearly two weeks now since the accident with my ankle, happy to say it is healing nicely though slowly. I started walking again since yesterday albeit on my own speed, relatively slow. Instead of walking the distance which i normally take for 45 minutes, it took me an hour and half yesterday and today did improved a bit. Picture below was taken today along the way...been windy, drops of rain a couple of times but glad the sun continues to shine during my walk. Thanks so much for all the well wishes. Hope you all are having a good start of the week.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

LHN & The Sampler Girl finishes

Due to a sprained ankle, it is exactly a week from today... i am force to stay home and not to do much, more on resting my foot. The first few days i did more on reading magazines, stitching came to mind but i wasn't in the mood for it till yesterday. I went in search of folders tuck early last year for the renovation and came across quite some unfinished designs which i thought especially these two samplers that i had already completed them off but not at all. On the LHN it shows when i had started it ...year 2011. So i worked on them today, now they'll be added to the piled up items to be frame one day. A pic of my ankle taken a few days ago. Getting better but slowly...i will start work tomorrow so i hope i can manage it. A few pics taken lately...Since Grace is at University, and has work during weekends at the city...she seldoms come to the island. Hope everyone's having a good week. Many thanks to all who stopped by and all the lovely comments.

Monday, April 13, 2015

A few more pics from home!

Missing the quietness at home and the warm weather well as some fruits like one of these, Jackfruits. Quite a few around one of my brother's place but none was ripe during my visit. And these corn were already dried up so wasn't able to taste fresh boiled ones. Always nice catching up with highschool friends, i do feel lucky they had made time for a meet-up as it was unexpected. Was able to watch part of an event during our visit in the city, a yearly Festival which held during the month of February called "Panagbenga"..'Blooming Flower Festivals'! The festival includes floats that are covered mostly with flowers and also street dancing, presented by dancers clad in flower-inspired costumes. Nothing to show stitching wise...i did stitched but not much to show, hopefully on my next update. Hope everyone's have a good start of the week.