Tuesday, January 20, 2015

...more red finishes into scissor pinkeep/pocket!

Found these unfinished piece with all the needed materials in one of the folder that was put aside a long way back which i remember i've so much love the one i've sent off for an exchange nearly a couple of years ago and so wanted one for my collection. Just took the picture with the light on and looks like not the real color red that was on the fabric. Can't wait for tomorrow's daylight as i have to work and busy days ahead of us, won't have the time to post on here. It was cold but beautifully bright and sunny the last couple of days. Perfect for a walk, yesterday with a friend along the dyke.... ...and today with another friend at another location closeby our house. Went shopping with friends last week at the mainland and stop by for a cup of coffee with a huge rice tart for each...Funny, everyone say's not to eat it all, thinking of all the calories but been busy chatting before we know it all was eaten up! Many many thanks for your continued visits and for taking the time to leave me a comment. I truly appreciate them all.

Monday, January 12, 2015

I am on a roll....!!

Two more...though small finishes! Weather's been very stormy here the last days so i am taking advantage of it, though i was out with friends shopping to the mainland one day last week and also had worked one day last weekend. I am staying on small designs for now, quicker to finish otherwise it will be put aside and forgotten. The first picture, a freebie and finished it off into a tiny cushion...found some of my red finishes before but i know i have more than these but couldn't find it.... Actually, i started this Ho Ho Ho design end of last year so wasn't much work for it, just a few stitches and the finishing. Been opening boxes too... slowly as we don't have closets yet upstairs. Was ordered and hopefully will be delivered before the end of this month. Finding some unfinished pieces just like this one below...hope to work on it soon. Some started projects, i think will just throw it away...i can say my taste had change and i would like to stitch or work om Samplers in the future. Weather here still on and off stormy the coming days, at my work place had been under water a few times already and had been to help cleaned up today but still expected will get high again a few times this week. Hope everyone is keeping safe and well. Thanks to all who stopped by and leaving me a comment.They are all very much appreciated!!

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Unbelievable...2 finishes??

I think it's kind of New Year's resolution...take more time for stitching and hopefully reading too. Still low season here for work so have more free time till probably April unless weather starts to warm up in March then we will be out working at the terrace. Here's a design i pin off through Pinterest last week of December but just now i can' t find who the designer is. I finish it off into a Mattress Pincushion....since it's my first finish for this year, it will be added to my personal collection.... ....same as with this Christmas ornament. As i've already stitched this one before but sent it out as gift. It is from JCS 2007! I think this issue of 2007 is one of my favorite so far! Looking back at the designs, i had made a few already but mostly sent out either for exchanges or for gifts so i will pick more from here for my own collections or for gifts too. This lovely view greeted me this morning when i came out at the dyke for a walk. It was chilly as it was a bit windy but just like stitching and reading i do want to get back to walking if not jogging. I opted out for a walk as i had a heavy Zumba lesson last night so my legs aren't into jogging. Do really need exercise after all the lovely, tasty foods we had during the holidays. Hope everyone having a good start of the week. Many many Thanks to all who had stopped by and leave me a comment.Really, really appreciate them all.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

New Year's Dive!!!

Crazy folks we are...in cold cold weather, sea water temperature is about 6 degrees celcius and windforce 6Bf! Kind of tradition now if we are spending New Year here in Holland...though i wasn't really positive to join as it has been very windy which makes it so cold at the beach and our daughter just got home after the party she've attended at 7am but she still does wants to join so...so just kept my mind go blank and ran to the sea! Happy New Year and wish you all a great start for 2015!!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Happy 45th birthday to me!!!

...got spoiled with gorgeous bouquet of flowers and others gifts from hubby & kids! Didn't plan anything that day other than to go out for dinner as it is usually a busy day for everyone if we will celebrate it that day. Since Chris also's birthday in December we had decided to celebrate it together for family and friends and had it yesterday. Here's a couple of pics of what i had prepared. Pity i wasn't able to take pics of the main dishes for dinner, was then too busy so the pics below were the small bites, warm and cold that was serve after coffee in the afternoon. Preparations had taken a lot of time and hard work but it's worth it! Kind of fun too trying to choose which dishes that fits together. Nearly a couple of weeks ago, the owner of the cafe-restaurant where i work celebrated her 60th birthday and i had offered to make some small savory snacks for the drinks. No stitching was done at all this month...but have a couple more days to go... Wish you all a Happy weekend!!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Our Christmas Tree

Finally put up our x'mas tree today, did wanted it earlier but been crazy busy while i am off work for the whole month of December but since hubby came home last week we've been catching up on scheduled appointments mainly for our son, Chris. At school and dentist appointments as it have to be at the mainland. Manage to pick up half of the boxes from where we stored them and still piled up here and not yet unpacked. We are off again for a couple of days tomorrow so it will have to wait end of this week... Probably our last lunch get-together as we are all busy this coming weeks. Kind of happy organizing for lunch/dinner here at home as i am into trying new recipes. Yeah, instead of picking up stitching i am browsing through different sites for new recipes to try. Although no builders to spoil i still make cake/tarts for us. Since i don't want to eat much, just a taste...i'll bring some portions to friends to try. Hope everyone's having a good weekend!

Monday, December 01, 2014

Autumn exchange @ HOE!

Here's what i sent to my partner Brendon all the way to Australia. It's a freebie design just can't remember from who... Love the piece i received from Becky, Thank you so much, Becky!! Days go by so fast...First day of December, birthday of our son...his father and sister aren't home and one of his wish to go out to dinner at the only 'Wok restaurant' here on the island so i asked him to take a few of his friends so we went this evening. Such fun with these young guys! I was glad i can join them, thought they'd prefer to go without parent. Last saturday been off with friends to the city with the train. It should be around 3 hours travel to there but due to some storing with train connections, we had miss a couple so it took us an hour extra. It was quite an experience, was first for me to go that far with the train. Ussually we took the car if we go out of the island. Still preparing and trying some new recipes, not for the builders anymore but just for us here or friends who stop by for coffee or lunch. I do need to gather a list of recipes that i'd like to prepare again when needed. Most were found through the net so sometimes i cannot remember anymore the link where i've found the recipe. Thanks to all who stop by and took the time to leave me a comment. Really appreciate it. Happy week to all!!