Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Here's Chris after his visit to the barber shop end of last week. He went with his father so when they came home I was really surprised to see what they've done. Well, it looks great especially with all the colours and glitters but after washing it's different but he like it that way.

Here's my progress on my rr. Not much more to do so i will set this aside for this week as i need to start working on another rr piece for another group.

I started another project, a winnie the pooh chart which was ordered by one of our neighbours/friends for their second son. Did the Teletubby for the eldest a few years ago and now his brother is crazy of winnie the pooh


Von said...

Oh, Mylene - thanks for the chuckle. I bet Chris just loves his haircut and color, lol! Do many boys his age to this where you are? We're in Boise right now and my youngest nephew's hair, while kinda longish, is colored red in places. My boys have never wanted anything like that for themselves.
How nice of you to stitch the cute little Winnie for your neighbor. :D

Mylene said...

Hi Von,that was my reaction when he came home with his father, just laugh and quite surprised but actually a few of his friends had different kind of cut and that he really wanted something different too. The colours are great and it was a pity it washed out the next day.
I think this Winnie The Pooh is my biggest project so far this year. Thanks so much for dropping by .
Best wishes,